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21-year-old Coloradan donates kidney to stranger

Kelsey Crider and Nate Toci at University of Colorado Hospital

Nate Toci was driving home from work one day when a message on a billboard caught his eye: "Type O Blood / Kelsey needs kidney."

In that moment, Nate knew he wanted to help. He made inquiries, got tested, and learned he was a perfect kidney match for Kelsey Crider, a young woman who has been living with kidney disease for almost a decade.

The transplant surgeries took place at University of Colorado Hospital. Thanks to the generosity of a young man who had never even met her, Kelsey now has a chance at a longer, healthier life.

Watch the video on the Fox 31 News website. (A brief advertisement will play before the video.)

(March 2016)

Westminster teen donates more than half her liver to save her sister

Ashleigh and Maurisa Mounger

In her early 20s, Ashleigh Mounger was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease, a disorder that leaves the body unable to process copper. Although Ashleigh took the medications prescribed by her doctors, copper continued to build up in her liver throughout her 20s, culminating in liver failure in October 2014.

Ashleigh was placed on the National Organ Transplant List, but she was warned that the wait for a liver from a deceased donor could be years. That's when her younger sister Maurisa, 19 years old, got tested to see if she could donate part of her own liver to her sister.

For the rest of the story, watch the video on the 9 News website. (A brief advertisement will play before the video.)

(July 2015)

Our program celebrates its 2,000th liver transplant

Photo from the celebration

In March 2015, the University of Colorado Hospital Transplant Center and partners Children's Hospital Colorado surpassed a combined total of 2,000 liver transplants.

Visit our page on this milestone to learn about our department's place in the history of liver transplantation, meet two women whose lives were saved by liver transplants (one long ago, the other quite recently), and watch a clip from 9 News' coverage of the story.

(March 2015)

Dr. Kam leads liver team in Colorado's first
double-lung-and-liver transplant

Dr. Kam on CBS-4 News

On March 10, a team of surgeons from our department performed a complex operation on Shaun McCabe, a 30-year-old man from Nebraska who was dying from cystic fibrosis. Shaun received two new lungs and a new liver—the first such operation ever performed in the state of Colorado.

Dr. Igal Kam headed the liver team for the operation, collaborating with Dr. Michael Weyant of the Cardiothoracic Division, who led the lung team. You can watch the CBS-4 news story on our website.

(March 2015)

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