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Pediatric Surgery Research


The Division of Pediatric Surgery focuses on research in several areas: post-traumatic inflammatory response in children, pediatric hepatobiliary diseases, minimally invasive surgery in children, and other clinical research. Members of the department have contributed numerous clinical studies in the following areas: appendectomy, gastroesophageal reflux, trauma, biliary atresia, kidney transplantation and others. Since 2007, the Division of Pediatric Surgery has published 20 abstract/posters, 27 original papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 7 chapters in pediatric surgery textbooks.

In hepatobiliary diseases of children, the University of Colorado/Children’s Hospital is one of the lead centers in a multi-institutional NIH grant called the Biliary Atresia Research Consortium (BARC). Dr. Frederick Karrer sits on the surgery committee of the BARC, which will establish a database of clinical information, serum and tissue samples to investigate the etiology, treatment and outcome variables in biliary atresia. Locally, there are ongoing clinical hepatobiliary studies with the Pediatric CRC, the GI Division in the Department of Pediatrics, and the Division of Transplant Surgery.


In clinical research, there are numerous ongoing clinical studies, some of them funded by CRC protocols.

Frederick Karrer, MD

Clinical Research Center Program Grant No. PR-00069: Sokol RJ, Narkewicz M, Karrer FM, Smith D, Butler-Simon N, Drescher A. Antioxidant Therapy in Biliary Atresia. The Children’s Hospital, Denver, CO. Protocol, 1999-