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City Councilman relieved of 15-pound tumor

Albus Brooks after surgery at University of Colorado Hospital

At age 37, Denver City Councilman Albus Brooks was living life full-speed: working, raising a family, and taking classes for an MBA. The last thing he expected was cancer.

Brooks, a former linebacker for the CU Buffaloes, enjoyed being physically active and living a healthy lifestyle. He first noticed the pain in his lower back while running 10k races in Boulder and Denver. Realizing something was wrong, he went to see his doctor. Scans revealed a tumorous mass in his lower back, and biopsies confirmed that it was malignant.

The cancer diagnosis came as a shock to Brooks. However, he quickly moved from the initial emotions to the next step: what to do about it. On his doctor’s advice, he went to the University of Colorado Cancer Center, where he was examined by a team of doctors with expertise in his particular kind of cancer, chondrosarcoma.

On July 5, in an eight-hour surgery, Dr. Ana Gleisner removed a 15-pound tumor from Brooks’ back. For the rest of the story, read the article in CU Anschutz Today.

(August 2016)

Dr. Zhu and colleagues discover immune checkpoint

Yuwen Zhu, PhD

Dr. Yuwen Zhu and colleagues in the Surgical Oncology Laboratory have discovered a new immune checkpoint that can potentially become a new cancer vaccine. The results were published in the 2/8/2016 issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

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(February 2016)