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Information & Common Foot Problems

Nerve Entrapment/Morton's Neuroma

Neuromas may occur between any of the toes on the foot, but are most common between the base of the third and fourth toes. They are caused by pinching of the nerve between the metatarsals, which causes inflammation of the nerve. As this irritation continues the nerve gets larger causing sharp pain, cramping, and burning in this area. The symptoms may radiate into the web space or toward the tips of the toes. Shoes that are too tight or have higher heels will aggravate this condition.

Conservative treatment measures include injections, padding and strapping, physical therapy, and biomechanical orthotic devices. If none of these satisfactorily relieve pain, a surgical approach is indicated. An incision is made over the affected area. The enlargement of the nerve is located and this portion of the nerve is removed. This procedure is usually performed as an outpatient. The sharp, severe pain associated with neuroma is relieved almost immediately after surgery.