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Information & Common Foot Problems


Excessive perspiration of the hands and feet may be a disorder involving the sweat glands. This is called hyperhidrosis. It is found in adolescents and young adults. People with "Type A" personalities, some unbalanced diets, some systemic diseases (e.g., tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism, anemia, etc.), some medications such as aspirin, or excessive ingestion of fluids may cause excessive sweating. Caffeinated beverages and tobacco products make it worse. Some may perspire excessively with ill fitting shoes or socks, or respond negatively to synthetic shoe or sock material. Bromidrosis is characterized by hyperhidrosis plus a fetid odor caused by certain types of bacteria or fungi. The odor caused by bacterial decomposition of skin secretions in the presence of moisture.

Normally, treatment begins by switching to absorbent wool or cotton socks with a weave wide enough for evaporation. Proper fitting shoe gear made of "natural" materials (no rubber, plastic, nylon, etc.), normal bathing, soaking three times a day in either Burrow's solution or potassium permanganate are things you can do on your own. Dust your shoes and socks three times a day with foot powder. Wiping the soles of the feet and wiping with alcohol or aluminum chloride can help. In resistant cases, oral medication may be helpful. If you need assistance, talk with a podiatrist.