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Burn Surgery

Medical Student Education


The burn service welcomes any medical students interested in participating in the care of the burned patient.  Students can request this rotation thru Mary Kay Anderson.  The burn service provides an in depth exposure to the unique pathophysiologic processes of the burned patient, and to managing critically ill patients with complex wounds.  Students are expected to be active participants in burn rounds, burn clinic, and the operating room.  The operative experience is especially rich as cases always require multiple team member involvement.  Students will have the opportunity to place central lines, perform fascial excisions, harvest skin, and perform skin grafts. 

If interested in rotating on the burn service, please contact Mary Kay Anderson: 

Mary Kay Anderson
Medical Student Program Coordinator
Department of Surgery

We look forward to having you rotate on our team!


“My day with the Burn service was one of my best during the surgery rotation. (It was actually one of the best of med school but I didn't want to sound like I was trying too hard!)  The challenges they are faced with and the tools used to solve them are unique to the burn service and provide exposure to surgical cases you won't see on the general surgery rotation. The cases I saw were some of the most vivid I have had in medical school and will stay with me for a very long time. The nature of the surgeries also allows much more student participation and I felt like a useful member of the team.  I would definitely recommend to other students to spend some time with Dr. Wiktor and Dr. Lindberg if they get the opportunity.”

-Greg Zablocki, MSIII (Class of 2012)