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Pancreas and Biliary Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic

University of Colorado Hospital



A multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of Pancreatic Diseases and Treatments has proven to be the new standard of care for patients. The Pancreas and Biliary Center at University of Colorado Hospital is committed to providing thorough, highly coordinated, compassionate, and dedicated patient care by assembling a highly experienced and accomplished team of surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, nurse practitioners and others involved in your care to work together for you.

The best way for patients to receive care for pancreatic disease.

Meet Our Team

"I hate cancer and I want to see it eradicated." Richard D. Schulick, MD FACS

"Pay it Forward - Help to educate next generation of physicians to improve care of patients going forward." Martin McCarter, MD

"Vaccine therapies - a way to improve our own immune systems to fight cancer." Barish H. Edil, MD FACS

"There needs to be an agreement of trust between the patient and the physician." Csaba Gajdos, MD

“Listen to patient and establish two-way communication” Norio Fukami, MD

                                           WHEN YOU NEED EXPERT CARE - 855-UCH-PANC