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Welcome to the Department of Surgery

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Denver Health and Hospital Authority Laboratory


Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA), formerly Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC), has 5105 square feet of basic science research space.  This space includes 395 square feet dedicated to a freezer room for tissue sample storage and 560 square feet dedicated to a flow cytometry laboratory.  An additional 5500 square feet is available on the sixth floor of Research Complex 2 at UCD Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO.


Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC) is a 325-bed academic level-I trauma hospital, housing the Rocky Mountain Regional Trauma Center. DHMC admits over 2,400 critically injured patients annually and has a brand-new 23-bed surgical intensive care unit designed to care for acutely ill and injured patients. DHMC is also the safety-net hospital for the city and county of Denver, with over 4,500 surgical admissions and 10,500 operations yearly.


DHHA animal housing center is adjacent to the Research laboratory and is a satellite of the University of Colorado Denver Laboratory Animal Care.  The accreditation was granted by AAALAC since July 2003.  The laboratory is managed by an AAALAC certified laboratory animal technician with the assistance of a licensed Veterinarian.  Our animal operating suite is 441 square feet.