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Grazia Laboratory Personnel

Helen Lepper, BS, Professional Research Assistant and Lab Manager

Education: Colorado State University, B.S Biology, Minor Biomedical Science (Microbiology).

Ms. Lepper received her Bachelor of Science degree at Colorado State University in Biology and Biomedical Science in December 2007. While there, she distinguished herself with an independent research study (as Research Assistant) looking at MHC diversity and susceptibility to plague in black-tailed prairie dogs which led to a National Science Foundation Fellowship. Ms. Lepper joined the Grazia lab in March of 2007 and has been integral in the development of the laboratory since. Specifically, she has been pivotal in the development of several progenitor cell isolation techniques, the ongoing creation of a transgenic mouse that will express MHC II uniquely on endothelial cells, the development of a new colorimetric cytotoxicity assay, and multiple cellular culture techniques. In addition to her duties as lead PRA and lab manager of the Grazia lab, Helen is also currently pursuing a Masters of Science degree here at the University of Colorado. She ultimately plans to pursue a Ph.D. and continue with an independent career in biomedical science.

Phone: 303.724.6822


Research Publications

Grazia TJ, Plenter RJ, Lepper HM, Victorino F, Miyamoto SD, Crossno, JT Jr, Pietra BA, Gill RG, and Zamora MR. Prolongation of Cardiac Allograft Survival by a Novel Population of Autologous CD117+ Bone Marrow-Derived Progenitor Cells. Under Revision for Am J Transplant. June 2010

Grazia TJ, Plenter RJ, Weber SM, Lepper HM, Victorino F, Zamora MR, Pietra BA, Gill RG. Acute cardiac allograft rejection by directly cytotoxic CD4 T cells: parallel requirements for Fas and perforin. Transplantation. 2010 Jan 15;89(1):33-9.