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Dr. Bill Pietra

Associate Professor and Medical Director Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Program, The Children's Hospital

Bill Pietra

Dr. Pietra graduated from the University of South Florida, College of Medicine with his Doctor of Medicine in 1988.  He served his Pediatric Internship, Residency and Cardiology Fellowship at Children's Hopsital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH.  In 1994 began his career with The Children's Hospital, Denver, CO and faculty with the University of Colorado, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Cardiology.  Since that time he has been promoted to Medical Directorships with Pediatric Cardiac Transplant Program and Pediatric Mechanical Assist Program.

Within his clinical expertise he has direct involvement in the clinical care, and pre and post operative management of the pediatric cardiac transplant patients at The Children's Hospital with particular expertise in transplantation for the infant population. 

His research interest is in the mechanism of CD4 T Cell dependent acute allograft rejection continuing to investigate the role CD4 T Cells as both effectors in the allograft response.

Phone: 303.724.6846



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