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Information about the Colorado Center for Transplantation Care, Research and Education (CCTCARE)

Colorado Center for Transplantation Care, Research and Education (CCTCARE) constitutes the only truly comprehensive transplantation center of its kind on a national and, most likely, on an international scale.  Since the early 1960’s, the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, now UC Anshutz Medical Campus has always been on the forefront of clinical transplantation and transplantation research.

The founders of CCTCARE strongly believe that basic and clinical research and services at UC have reached a critical mass that will greatly benefit from a comprehensive transplantation center. Such a comprehensive transplantation center allows for improved interactions among researchers, will provide specialized core facilities, training and education programs for young scientists, will provide central cutting edge research resources, improve community outreach and education and provide better leverage for fundraising efforts through better visibility of UC’s transplantation programs.  

CCTCARE has been designed as a unique, comprehensive transplantation center that not only closely integrates basic, translational and clinical research, clinical services, educational and training programs, as well as community and outreach programs but that has also been designed to collaborate with other institutions and serve as a national and international resource for transplant research. It is CCTCARE’s vision to improve transplant patient care by advancing transplantation and its associated fields through its own highly integrated and innovative research, drug and diagnostics development programs. 

It is envisioned that CCTCARE will serve as the core of a global transplant research network, the International Centers for the Advancement of Transplantation (ICAT).