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Phase 1: The Four Tasks

Phase 1 of the website's renovation is scheduled to be completed by July 1, 2013. It involves all nine Divisions and Sections completing the following tasks:

  1. Convert your home page to our new three-column format.
  2. Standardize your left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Get your faculty/staff directory and individual faculty pages up to date.
  4. Update your "Types of Surgery" page.

Use the menu to the left to keep track of how your Division/Section is doing. For detailed descriptions of the four tasks, see below.

(1) Convert your home page to our new three-column format.

The left-hand column will include, at minimum, the local navigation menu and a photo (preferably a photo of your surgeons, or another image relevant to your Division/Section).

The right-hand column contains a photo (preferably showing surgeons from your Division/Section in action) and a set of standard DoS links.

The middle column, if you are a Division, will contain the following:

  • Division name
  • main phone number
  • welcome message from the Division head
  • photo of Division head

If you are a Section, you can either provide this same content for the middle column or get an alternative layout approved by Dr. Schulick.

(2) Standardize your left-hand navigation menu.

As of June 2013, our standard left-hand menu for each Division contains the following links:

  • Welcome
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Clinical Services
  • Types of Surgery
  • Research
  • Education
  • News & Information
  • Contact Us

Beneath these standard menu items, a photo appears (preferably one featuring your surgeons). Below that, you can include any additional links you desire for your Division/Section.

Note: Each link in the local navigation menu should take visitors to a page on your site. Over time, we will be reviewing the content of all these pages. For now, we are focusing on just three pages: Welcome (home page), Faculty/Staff, and Types of Surgery. Read on for more details.

(3) Get your faculty/staff directory and individual faculty pages up to date.

  • Individual faculty pages should be set up to pull in information directly from CUdoctors. You can build these pages following Dan's step-by-step instructions.
  • Dan will rebuild the Faculty/Staff page for each Division, creating a tabbed interface and adding thumbnail-sized photos of each faculty member. Dan may need information from you to complete this process, but you are not expected to edit the directory page yourself.

(4) Update your "Types of Surgery" page.

This "Types of Surgery" page on your site should list ALL the procedures that your surgeons perform. As of June 2013, many Divisions' lists are incomplete.

In the past, different Divisions and Sections have used different formats for these lists. We are now moving to a standard aproach with category headings and bullet-point lists. See the Cardiothoracic Division's "Types of Surgery" page as an example.

For an example of a more complex page, see this working draft of the GI, Tumor and Endocrine "Types of Surgery" page, which is a work in progress as of 6/12/2013.


  • The category headings should be helpful to patients. They do not need to mirror our organizational structure.
  • There are essentially three levels in the hierarchy: headings, top-level bullet points, and second-level bullet points.
  • We want to keep things consistent across the Divisions whenever possible, but if you think your Division needs an alternative approach, discuss this with Dan Robinson.
  • In Phase 2 of the Website Renovation Project, each procedure in the list will be linked to a web page containing information on that procedure. For now, all we need is the list.

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