Transplant Contacts

Igal Kam, MD

Chief, Division of Transplant Surgery

Phone: 4-2745

Jody Mandic

Division Manager

Phone: 4-2772

Bretlyn Davis

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 720-848-0878

She's going to be my go-to person for getting stuff done on the website.

Trevor Nydam, MD

Assistant Professor and Transplant Surgeon

Phone: ?

He's willing to get involved and write content as we move ahead with the website.

Michael (Mike?) Wachs, MD

Associate Professor and Transplant Surgeon

Phone: ?

He attended our 3/14/2013 meeting. I didn't get the sense that he will necessarily be very involved with the website, but he seems like he'd be a col guy to work with.


Mike Zimmerman (one of the faculty members) is supposed to be a good resource for creating website content, but I haven't met him yet. (He wasn't able to make the 3/14/13 meeting.)