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Francis Newman, MS, DABR

Associate Professor Emeritus

Francis Newman, MS, MS, DABR
Francis Newman, MS, DABR
  • University of Colorado Denver, Medical Physics -   MS  1984
  • University of Colorado Denver, Mathematics and Statistical Science -   MS  1999
  • University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine​ - Associate Professor Emeritus 2016

Mr. Newman joined the faculty at the Department of Radiation Oncology at the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine in April of 1987. He received his Master of Science in Medical Physics from the University of Colorado in 1984 and worked in private practice at the Allen Shivers Radiation Therapy center in Austin Texas until 1987 when he was asked to join the faculty in Radiation Oncology at the University of Colorado.  He subsequently received a Master of Science degree in the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Science at the University of Colorado Denver.  Mr. Newman has performed research in many topics including radiotherapy dose optimization algorithms, using artificial neural networks to help detect lesions and to segment organs in medical imaging, and visual sensation during radiotherapy. Mr. Newman also participates in teaching and education, and was the principal advisor for more than 20 graduate students in Medical Physics. Francis retired from the department in 2016, but hopes to continue collaborations​ with colleagues in the Radiation Oncology Department and the UC Denver Applied Mathematics Department, where he has also served as faculty.