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Behavioral Immunology & Endocrinology Lab




Recent Publications



In press

  1. Ross R. G., Greco-Sanders L., Laudenslager M. L. (in press). An institutional postdoctoral research training program: Increasing productivity of postdoctoral trainees. Academic Psychiatry, in press.

  2. Brewer, B.B., Sannes, T.S., Laudenslager, M.L., (in press). Caregivers of Patients with Cancer: An Often Hidden Casualty. G. Colditz, (Ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society, Second Edition. SAGE Publishing.

  3. Wright, K, Hickman, R., Laudenslager, M.L. (in press) Hair cortisol analysis: a promising biomarker of HPA activation in older adults. The Gerontologist.