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Division of Substance Dependence

Our Division Members, Affiliate Members, and Instructors

The faculty of the Division of Substance Dependence assumes a major role in teaching about substance use disorders to medical students, psychiatry residents, the psychiatric community, and citizens of the community, state, and nation. Through its Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS), the Division supports the education each year of one Addiction Fellow, a psychiatrist receiving subspecialty training in substance dependence. 

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Name Rank Research Interests
Paula Riggs, MD Professor (Division Director) Combined behavioral and pharmacotherapy treatment research/clinical trials in adolescents with co-occurring psychiatric and substance use disorders
Robert Booth, PhD Professor Social service interventions; HIV prevention; Drug abuse treatment with out-of-treatment drug injectors
Tom Brewster, LCSW Associate Professor Empirically supported substance treatment methods occurring in a natural non-research treatment setting; HIV prevention interventions among injecting drug users in Ukraine; Integration of empirically supported treatments in a large multimodal treatment organization; Treatment of antisocial substance dependent adolescents and adults
Karen Corsi, ScD, MPH Assistant Professor HIV prevention among drug users, behavioral interventions, methamphetamine and global health
Thomas J. Crowley, MD Professor Emeritus Neuroimaging and genetics of adolescent antisocial substance dependence
Robert Davies, MD Associate Professor Development of non-traditional behavioral therapies for substance abusing adolescents; Treatment of psychiatric comorbidities in substance abusing adolescents
Christie Hartman, PhD Assistant Professor The genetics of substance abuse and antisocial behavior; The genetic contributions to antisocial and impulsive behaviors; Large-scale genetic association studies (GWAS)
Christian Hopfer, MD Associate Professor Genetic epidemiology of adolescent-onset substance dependence
Susan K. Mikulich-Gilbertson, PhD Associate Professor Statistical analyses for multivariate, longitudinal, and nonlinear data
Joseph Sakai, MD Associate Professor Approaches to better understand the biological and environmental contributors to conduct disorder, substance dependence and callous-unemotionality among youths
Elizabeth Whitmore, PhD Associate Professor Predictors of treatment outcome and effectiveness of treatment for adolescents with substance dependence and co-occurring psychiatric disorders
Susan Young, PhD Assistant Professor Addiction psychiatry.
Ingrid A. Binswanger, MD Assistant Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Medical complications of drug use and the intersection between the criminal justice system and health
Marilyn A. Coors, PhD Associate Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Bioethics and genetic research on persons with addiction
Mark L. Laudenslager, PhD Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Developmental risk factors for stress related disorders
Jonathan I. Ritvo, MD Clinical Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Addiction psychiatry.
Maya Rogers, MD Clinical Assistant Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Addiction psychiatry.
Jody Tanabe, MD Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Neuroimaging of nicotine and substance dependence in adults
Christian Thurstone, MD Assistant Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Adolescent substance abuse treatment research
Philippe Weintraub, MD Associate Professor (Division Affiliate Member) Adolescent depression and adolescent development.
Eric Ennis, LCSW Senior Instructor Pharmacological and outpatient-focused behavioral treatments for adults with opioid and cocaine dependence
Ken Gaipa, LCSW Senior Instructor Learning more about Essential Elements in a therapeutic community that contribute to program retention, positive outcomes, problems in maintaining therapeutic integrity as well as work force development and training future generations to work within the therapeutic community milieu
Mick Kirby, PhD Instructor Evaluation of the effectiveness of innovative behavioral health interventions, focusing on services for individuals with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders; homeless persons affected by these disorders; and systems of care that address chronic forms of these disorders
Susan Krill-Smith, LCSW Senior Instructor Addiction treatment.
Julie Krow, LPC Senior Instructor Infant Mental Health, Child Welfare, and Women’s Substance Treatment
Debbie Rinehart, MA Instructor Addiction treatment.
William Swafford, MD Senior Instructor Addiction psychiatry.

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