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Clinical Treatment

 Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS) 

  • Evaluation and Treatment are provided at the Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS), the Division's clinical program.
  • All clinics are off campus, because the University of Colorado serves its community in its community. Most are in areas of concentrated drug use.
  • Full continuum of care for adults and adolescents: outpatient, day treatment, and a total of 270 non-hospital residential beds.
  • Services: outpatient psychosocial treatments, methadone maintenance, medications as needed, intensive day treatment with on-site therapeutic school for adolescents, intensive family behavioral treatment ("multisystemic therapy") for adolescents, modified therapeutic communities, etc.
  • A central strength of the Division is its large and varied clinical programs. For example, probably no other university in the nation has adolescent treatment programs like ours, and their existence permits us to obtain numerous federal grants for studying the problems of drug-dependent adolescents.
  • More than 1,300 patients registered on any given day.
  • At least in part because of our large and diversified clinical programs, US News and World Report ranked the University of Colorado among the nation’s leading schools in drug / alcohol education.
  • Clinical funding: more than $12 million per year, mainly through contracts with criminal justice and child-welfare agencies. Some federal funding is received for clinical demonstration projects, and a small amount from insurance and self-pay.
  • Each year ARTS provides training and salary support for one addiction fellow, a psychiatrist obtaining advanced training in substance dependence treatment from the Addiction Fellows Program.