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Retreat Topics and Invited Speakers



2010: The Effects of Perinatal Stress on Child Outcomes: Directions for Future Prevention and Intervention

Michael Meaney, McGill University

Zachary Stowe, Emory University

Thomas O'Connor, Univeristy of Rochester

Arthur Jones, University of Denver

2008: Neurocognitive, Social and Emotional Development: Transitioning from Childhood to Adolescence

Ronald Dahl, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Tomáš Paus, University of Nottingham & McGill University

Lillian Hechtman, McGill University

2006: Sensational Science: The Sensory Dimension in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Nathan Fox, University of Maryland

Mary Schneider, University of Wisconsin

Michael First, Columbia University

2004: Regularities and irRegularities in Regulation

J. Douglas Bremner, Emory University

Megan Gunnar, University of Minnesota

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Columbia University

2002:  Behavioral Phenotypes in Developmental Disabilities

Mara Dierssen, L'Hospital de Llobregat, Barcelona

Elisabeth Dykens, University of California, Los Angeles

Robert Hodapp, University of California, Los Angeles

David Mrazek, Mayo Clinic

2000:  Recent Research in Developemental Psychobiology and Implications for Intervention

Elizabeth Bates, Center for Research in Language

Hi Fitzgerald, Michigan State University

Bill Greenough, University of Illinois  

1998: You, Me, and We: Coming to Know Self and Others

Dorrey Fergazy, Emory University

Peter Hobson, University College London

Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Harvard University

1996: Impulsivity, Aggression and Violence: Biology Psychology and Intervention

Jay Kaplan, Emory University

Mark Cummings, University of West Virginia

Sheppard Kellam, Johns Hopkins University

1994: Gender Differences in Brain and Behavior

Jacque Eccles, University of Michigan

Roger Gorski, University of California Los Angeles

Christina Willims, Duke University

1992: The Developmental Effects of Early Traumatic Events

Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University

Robert Pynoos, University of California Los Angeles

Gail Goodman, State University of New York at Buffalo

1990: The Organizing Effects of Early Relationships

Thomas Anders, Brown University

Steven Suomi, National Institute of Health and Human Services

Everett Waters, State University of New York at Stony Brook

1988: Developmental Across the Lifespan: Genetic and Socioemotional Influences

George Valliant

Robert Ploman

David Pauls

1986: Social Factors in Early Developmental Psychopathology

Marion Radke-Yarrow

Judy Dunn

Felton Earls

1984: Biological Bases of Affective and Cognitive Development

Patricia Goldman-Rakic

Arnold Sameroff

Myron Hofer

This retreat resulted in publication of a special issue of Child Development entitled-: Developmental Psychology and the Neurosciences, L.S. Crnic and B.F. Pennington, Eds.

1982: Continuities and Discontinuities in Development

Jerome Kagan

Michael Rutter

William Greenough

This retreat resulted in a book entitled: Continuities and Discontinuities in Development, R. Emde and R. Harmon, Eds.

1980: Attachment and Affiliative Systems: Neurobiological and Psychobiological Aspects

Jim Sackett

Melvin Konner

Paula Timiras

This retreat resulted in a book entitled: Development of Attachment and Affiliative Systems.