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Developmental Psychobiology Research Group

Current Newsletter - Fall 2016


October 2016
Dear DPRG Community:
We are very pleased to invite you to join us for our seminar series for this academic year. In an effort to be responsive to feedback from our members, we have made a few changes, which include:
     1. NEW LOCATION: DPRG seminars will now be held in an academic building on the Medical School campus (thus no need for Children’s Hospital Credentials to enter). Please join us in Room P18-1004 in RC1 on the ground floor between the Hensel Phelps Auditoriums.
     2. Seminars are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, beginning with social time at 9:30. Seminars begin at 10:00, with discussion continuing until 11:30. Beverages will be provided. We are hopeful that this change will facilitate engagement for our non-hospital members and guests.
     3. NEW PARKING OPTIONS: Free parking can now be obtained at the Henderson Parking Garage for off campus visitors. Payment vouchers and instructions for their use will be available at the seminars.
     4. NEW EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Elections are coming up and we have several excellent candidates for the leadership of this research group. Please keep an eye out for voting-related emails and let us know your preferences. The next executive committee will be involved in the usual activities (i.e., reviewing DPEF grants, planning special events), and will be instrumental in a strategic planning process for the organization.
     5. NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Ken MacLean, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and long-term member of DPRG will be assuming the directorship in October of 2016. Thank you, Ken, for assuming the lead role at such an important time in the group’s history.
     6. MORE IMPLEMENTATION SCIENCE/TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE FACULTY: We have been reaching out to faculty from the Medical School, UC-Boulder, UC-Denver, CSU and University of Denver who are engaged in intervention science in real-life settings. We welcome new members from this area of study and look forward to hosting more seminars on these topics, which have been identified by our members as high interest areas.
Other aspects of DPRG remain very much the same, including:
Continued use of ZOOM: We will be streaming all seminars via Zoom videoconferencing.
Opportunities to apply for DPEF mini grants: As you may recall, 50% or better attendance confers eligibility apply for DPEF funds (up to 7500), which are offered 4 times per year. Please see our website for details: 

Varied seminar schedule, with an emphasis on active learning through dialogue: As with previous academic years, we have tried to engage seminar leaders from both basic and applied aspects of developmental psychobiology research. We encourage seminar leaders to share works-in-progress, thus promoting interactive discussions and brainstorming. DPRG is grounded in a teaching mission, so we hope you will join us and share your input with our seminar leaders – even if they are studying something outside of your usual area of interest. Our goal is to bring people with a passion in scientific inquiry together to strengthen existing projects, build new collaborations and encourage cross-campus connections.
We hope you will join us for our seminar series. And let us know what you think of our new location and logistic arrangements.
Finally, I’d like to thank Mark Laudenslager, Christine Martin, Crystal Natvig, Linda Greco-Sanders and Melissa Sinclair for keeping our operation going. I’ve enjoyed my experiences as Executive Director and am grateful for all I’ve learned about the processes and complexities of collaborative science within DPRG. I look forward to supporting Ken as he takes the helm this fall. He seems uniquely able to make me laugh and think simultaneously, and that’s always a good thing.
Welcome back to DPRG!
Susan Hepburn
Executive Director 2013-2016