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Application for Research Funds from the

Developmental Psychobiology Endowment Fund

*Applications for funding grants must be received by the administrator

and the director by 5:00pm on the February 1, 2018.

Small DPEF Grant Application Guidelines:

Contact DPRG Coordinator Sarah Hargrove to review membership status before completing the application. Only those with over 50% seminar attendance (one year prior to applying) become DPRG members and thereby have the ability to vote or apply for funding. Priority will be given to T32 Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdocs in other programs, Junior Faculty, then others.

  1. A brief discussion with Executive Director Dr. Ken MacLean is necessary to review eligibility, proposal, project appropriateness, budget, and application. Applications from post-doctoral fellows are generally limited to $7000 for research projects and $500 for travel (must include a faculty mentor as a co-applicant).
  2. Instructions & summary page: complete application
  3. Copy of relevant COMIRB and/or animal review board certification is provided to the DPRG office. Final funding cannot occur until it is received. 
  4. A complete application is supplied to a DPRG Coordinator (signed original plus electronic copy) and to the DPRG Executive Director (electronic copy). It must be received 3 weeks before the committee convenes in order to be reviewed (please see the deadline schedule listed above). 

Committee members do not review applications during the summer months (June-August).

Email Links:

Ken MacLean, PhD , Executive Director DPRG

Sarah Hargrove, DPRG Coordinator