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Interested in participating in a study?

Research groups are always seeking new participants to enroll in their studies. If you are interested in participating in a brain imaging study, please review the following questions:

fMRI Pre-Screening Questions            
If you are female, are you pregnant?
Do you have an aneurysm clip?
Do you weigh more than 250 pounds?
Do you have a cochlear implant?
Do you become claustrophobic easily?
Besides dental fillings, do you have any metal in your body such as shrapnel, certain IUDs, a cardiac pacemaker, nerve stimulators, etc.?

If you've answered "No" to the questions above, opportunities to participate in research are available for you in the areas below.

Substance Abuse



Ben Lawful

Executive Control


White Matter Diseases


Eating Behaviors

Cornier Lab

Allison Hild
Marc Cornier, M.D.

Frank Lab

Megan Shott


MR Physics