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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Useful Resources


Documents for 3T MRI Research

Instructions for setting up research scans

3T Research Scan Request form

Scheduling Instructions for the 3T MRI Scanner

UCD Screening Policy for Subjects Particpating in MRI Research

Printable Documents for Study Participants

UCD Patient Screening Form

MRI Patient Information

Map and Directions to UCD Brain Imaging Center

User-contributed software

jspm_view - A MATLAB application for visualizing fMRI data, developed by Mingwu Jin, Ph.D. and Dietmar Cordes, Ph.D.

SPM5 batch scripts and information about their use, by Dietmar Cordes, Ph.D.

DICOM server and ANALYZE converter, by David Rubinstein, M.D. All users will need listen4images.jar. MAC users will need additional MAC files. PC users need additional PC files. Please see instructions. The current version is for beta testing.