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Bruce Appel, PhD

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Professor of Pediatrics, Diane G. Wallach Endowed Chair of Pediatric Stem Cell Biology, Director, Program of Pediatric Stem Cell Biology



Description of Research

​The Appel lab investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms that guide development of the central and peripheral nervous systems. In particular, we study how myelinating glial cells are produced by multipotent neural precursors, or stem cells, and how glial cells migrate to their target axons and subsequently wrap them with myelin. Abnormalities of myelin and glial cells are associated with many neurological disorders that affect children, therefore, we aim to extend understanding of the mechanisms that underly brain dysfunction resulting from developmental disease and injury. Specific research areas within the lab include the following:

  1. Investigation of mechanisms that regulate development of oligodendrocytes, the myelinating glial cells of the central nervous system.
  2. Investigation of mechanisms that regulate development of Schwann cells, the myelinating glial cells of the peripheral nervous system.
  3. Forward genetic screens for mutations that disrupt nervous system development using zebrafish.
  4. Investigation of mechanisms that underly brain damage associated with premature birth.
  5. Investigation of the development of the brain vasculature and its role in maintenance of neural stem cells.


Genetics; Molecular and Cellular Biology

Clinical and special developmental populations



Mail Stop 8108,
RC1 South, Rm L18-12115
12801 East 17th Avenue,
Aurora CO 80045

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Post-doctoral trainees

Jacob Hines, PhD
Anita Quintana, PhD (co-sponsor)

Institution and Research Topic

CU Denver

The role of glial cells in establishing and maintaining functional neural circuits

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​University of Colorado School of Medicine

Children's Hospital Colorado

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Bruce Appel, PhD

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Appel DPRG web page

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Appel Department web page


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