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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Division of Clinical Psychology

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Psychology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities


Thank you for your interest in post-doctoral training in developmental disabilities at JFK Partners (Colorado’s UCEDD) at the University of Colorado-Denver. In order to find out more about JFK Partners—purposes and programs, organizational structure, faculty and staff, etc.—please take a look at our website.

Here is some information about our post-doctoral fellowship:

JFK Partners—Colorado’s University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) is the major training facility for the Developmental Disabilities Program. The training emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to research, assessment, and intervention, family support, service coordination, and community integration to meet the needs of persons with developmental disabilities. Development of disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise, leadership and consultation skills and research as well as clinical growth are the goals of the postdoc​toral training program. The fellow participates in interdisciplinary evaluations, interventions and consultation with a wide range of persons with developmental disabilities of various types and severity levels. The fellow also attends seminars offered at JFK Partners, in the Division of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, and in the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and is expected to pursue a research project in developmental disabilities.


The post-doctoral fellowship typically includes: 50-60% specialized clinical training (assessment, treatment modes, consultation) in developmental disabilities with an emphasis on autism spectrum disorders, 30%-40% research (either independent with mentorship or collaborative), and 10% didactics (seminars, workshops, observations in various settings). There will be an attempt, within these general parameters, to match the training program to your specific learning goals. There are seven licensed psychologists who supervise and mentor JFK post-doctoral fellows as primary faculty.

All post-doctoral fellows are provided with office space and supplies, computers, and computer support (technical support, network access, internet access, software). Fellows are also provided with office supplies, training supplies, and secretarial support. Fellows have access to a wide variety of quality training experiences available on the UCD Medical School campus in addition to their core training. Current statutes in Colorado require psychology "candidates for licensure" to have one year of supervised post-doctoral experience (which includes 1,500 hours of experience practicing psychology under supervision) before taking the Colorado examination for licensure. Fellows are expected to meet these requirements during the post-doctoral fellowship year.

The following faculty are involved in the JFK Developmental Disabilities Post-Doctoral Fellowship:

  • Audrey Blakeley-Smith (2005) State University of New York
  • Susan Hepburn, Ph.D. (2000) Vanderbilt University
  • Terry Katz, Ph.D. (1992) University of Denver
  • Lila Kimel, Ph.D. (1992) University of Denver
  • Hal Lewis, Ph.D. (1984) University of Denver
  • Judith Reaven, Ph.D. (1985) University of Missouri
  • Cordelia Robinson, Ph.D. (1972) Vanderbilt University
  • Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D. (1972) Vanderbilt University

The stipend for the 2015-16 training year is expected to follow the NRSA stipend schedule  and health benefits.  Applicants for our postdoctoral fellowship program much have completed or be close to completing a doctorate from an APA-accredited Clinical, Counseling, School or Professional Psychology program and a one-year APA-accredited internship.

Our application procedure is not complicated. We ask for a statement of interest not to exceed 3 pages (should include some information about career goals, what attracts you to our program, anticipated training goals), graduate school transcript, and three (3) letters of recommendation from faculty or supervisors familiar with your interests and work relevant to this fellowship. Deadline for receipt of materials is February 1, 2015 but it may be advantageous to send materials earlier. Please send materials to: Dina Johnson, Training Coordinator, JFK Partners, C234, 13121 East 17th Avenue, P.O. Box 6511, Aurora, Colorado 80045

Please contact either Dr. Lewis or Dina Johnson with any questions.