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Harris Infant Mental Health Program


Recent or Noteworthy Publications of Harris Program Faculty

Sue Ammen, PhD

Hitchcock, D, Ammen, S., O’Connor, K., & Backman, T. (2008). Validating the Marschak Interaction Method Rating System with Adolescent Mother-Child Dyads. International Journal of Play Therapy, 17(1), 24-38.

Knapp, P. K., Ammen, S., Arstein-Kerslake, C, Poulsen, M. K., & Mastergeorge, A. (2007). Feasibility of expanding services for very young children in the public mental health setting. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 46(2), 152-161. .

Stacey R. Bromberg, PhD

Bromberg, S.R., Backman, T., Krow, J. & Frankel, K.A. (in press). The Haven Mother’s House Modified Therapeutic Community: Meeting the Gap in Infant Mental Health Services for Pregnant and Parenting Mothers with Drug Addiction. Infant Mental Health Journal.

Bromberg, S.R. & Frankel, K.A. (2009). Perinatal Support in Substance Abuse: The Requirements of Relationship and Reflection. Zero to Three (Special Issue), 29(4), 22-27.

Joy V. Browne, PhD, PCNS-BC, IMH-E(IV)

Browne, J. V. & Talmi, A. (2005). Family-based intervention to enhance infant-parent relationships in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 30(8), 1-11.

Karen A. Frankel, PhD, Director

Frankel, K.A., Boyum, L.A., & Harmon, R.J. (2004). Diagnoses and Presenting Symptoms in an Infant Psychiatry Clinic: Comparison of Two Diagnostic Systems. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 43(5), 578-587.

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Frankel, K.A., Bair, K. & Walker, P. (2000). Learning together. Zero To Three, 20(6), 42-43.

Theodore J. Gaensbauer, MD

Gaensbauer, T. J. (2002). Representations of trauma in infancy: Clinical and theoretical implications for the understanding of early memory. Infant Mental Health Journal, 23: 259-277.

Gaensbauer, T. J. (2004). Telling their stories: Representation and reenactment of traumatic experiences occurring in the first year of life. Zero To Three, 25(5), 25-31.

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Scheeringa, M. S. & Gaensbauer, T. J. (1999). Posttraumatic stress disorder. In C. Zeanah (Ed.), Handbook of infant mental health, 2nd Edition (pp. 369-381). New York: Guilford Press.

Robert J. Harmon, MD, Founder

Harmon, R.J., Plummer, N.S., & Frankel, K.A. (2000). Perinatal loss: Parental grieving, family impact, and intervention services. In J.D. Osofsky & H.E. Fitzgerald (eds.), WAIMH Handbook of infant mental health, Vol. 4 (pp. 327-368). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Ayelet Talmi, PhD, Assistant Director

Talmi, A., & Harmon, R. J. (2003). Relationships between preterm infants and their parents: Disruption and development. Zero to Three, 24(2), 13-20.

Talmi, A., (2009). WONDERbabies. Partners in Prevention, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment,

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