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Department of Psychiatry

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Meet the Harris Program Faculty

Leaders in infant mental health training

Harris Program Faculty 

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Faculty Name Areas of Interest Contact Info
Karen Frankel, PhD


  • infant and early childhood mental health services
  • child abuse and neglect
  • child trauma therapy
  • diagnosis and the DC:0-3R diagnostic classification system
  • consultation to child care facilities
  • infant and toddler behavioral medicine
Phone: 303-724-3725
email Dr. Frankel
Ayelet Talmi, PhD

Associate Director

  • integrated mental health services in pediatric primary care
  • babies and young children with special health care and developmental needs
  • early childhood system and policy issues
  • research interests include health systems outcome research, parent-infant relationship development, systems of care for children with special needs
Phone: 720-777-6670
email Dr. Talmi
Sue Ammen, PhD
  • infant, family, and early childhood mental health
  • parent-child relationship assessment
  • LGBT families
email Dr. Ammen
Jordana R. Ash, LCSW, IMH-E(IV)
  • infant and early childhood mental health
  • reflective supervision
  • mental health consultation
email Ms. Ash
Christy Balentine, PhD
  • infant, family, and early childhood mental health
  • mental health consultation
email Dr. Balentine
Joy V. Browne, PhD
  • physiologic and neurobehavioral responses to environment and caregiving in high risk infants
  • effects of long term hospitalization on the infant and family
  • evaluation of the effects of a supportive program for infants and families transitioning from NICU to home
  • neurobehavioral regulation in infancy
Phone: 303-724-7668
email Dr. Browne
Melissa B. Buchholz, PsyD
  • pediatric primary care
  • co-location - pediatrics and mental health
  • standardized developmental screening
email Dr. Buchholz
Maya Bunik, MD MSPH
  • breastfeeding and lactation
  • pediatric nutrition
  • mental health consultation
Phone: 720-777-3890
email Dr. Bunik
Debbie R. Carter, MD
  • individual play therapy fundamentals
  • systems of care collaboration and consulting to mental health agencies and early childhood settings
  • young child psychopharmacology
  • assessment and treatment of pregnant mothers with comorbid conditions (mental health and substance abuse issues)
Phone: 303-724-6022
email Dr. Carter
Theordore J. Gaensbauer, MD
  • abused and neglected children
  • parent-child attachment
Phone: 303-777-8731
Evelin Gomez, PhD
  • culturally appropriate mental health services
  • child abuse and trauma
  • behavioral health consultation
  • community mental health services for immigrants and refugees
email Dr. Gomez
Kimberly Kelsay, MD
  • assessment of young children using story stem narratives
  • psychiatric treatment of medically ill and asthmatic children
Phone: 720-777-4057
email Dr. Kelsay
Shawna Roberts, PsyD
  • parent-child relationship development
  • trauma recovery/EMDR
  • postpartum depression/anxiety
  • play therapy
  • OCD
  • performance enhancement
email Dr. Roberts
Jennifer J. Paul, PhD
  • infant and early childhood assessment
  • child abuse and neglect
  • postpartum depression
  • parent-infant psychotherapy
  • infant mental health consultation
email Dr. Paul
Kelly Stainback-Tracy, MPH, PT
  • developmental consultation in early childhood settings
  • early intervention for children with or at risk for developmental delays
  • screening and assessment of young children
  • professional development in early childhood
  • early childhood mental health system of care
Phone: 303-724-7652
email Ms. Stainback-Tracy
Melissa Waggoner, MSW IMH-E (IV)
  • developmental consultation
  • screening and assessment of young children
  • infant and early childhood mental health
email Ms. Waggoner