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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Psychiatry Residency PGY-IV

Psychiatry PGY-IV Residents 

The PGY-4 year focuses on advancing and unifying all the skills and knowledge acquired in the previous years through leadership, teaching and scholarship. This is often incorporated in being a chief resident. The PGY-4 year also includes ample time for individualized clinical, scholarly, or research experiences that develop special interests, in-depth knowledge, or advanced skills.​

PGY-4 Features

    • Leading
    • Teaching
    • Scholarship

Clinical Rotations

The PGY-4 year is designed to enhance scholarship, leadership, and teaching skills. Residents usually pursue a chief residency, research project, or in-depth clinical electives to further their individual goals. Core experiences include a year long experience in longitudinal treatment/advanced psychotherapy and a community mental health center rotation working with a multidisciplinary team treating persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses.


PGY-4 residents have 5.5 hours per week of protected didactic time. The PGY-4 curriculum focuses on advancing residents’ ability to read and critically appraise the major theories, current literature, and existing controversies in the field. The PGY-4 seminars include:

    • Pharmacology and Biological Psychiatry Literature Seminar
    • Psychodynamic Case Conference and Applied Theory
    • Advanced psychodynamic technique
    • History of psychiatry
    • Couples and Family Therapy
    • Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders
    • Human Sexuality
    • Women's Health
    • Student Mental Health
    • Public and Administrative Psychiatry
    • Career planning & Transition to Practice

Scholarly Activities

Residents on the Integrated and Research Tracks continue with their protected time. Any other resident who hasn't completed their Scholarly Activity needs to complete their project by year's end.


Supervise PGY-1s on psych call--buddy system.


Residents receive 3-5 hours of individual and small-group supervision each week.

Chief Residencies

    • Inpatient
    • Outpatient
    • Consultation-liaison