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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Psychiatry Residency Intern Year

Psychaitry Interns PGY 1

Psychiatry Residency Interns 

The PGY-1 psychiatry internship is designed to solidify core physician identity, knowledge, and skills and to develop competence in key building blocks of psychiatry: psychiatric interviewing and case presentation, psychiatric diagnoses/DSM-IV, basic psychopharmacology, emergency assessment and crisis stabilization, supportive psychotherapy, and motivational interviewing. 


PGY-1 Features

    • Top-tier medicine and pediatrics training
    • Outpatient Psychiatry clinic half day per week
    • Neurology OP experience
    • Didactics 5 hours per week on psych
    • Child interest track option: pediatrics & pediatric neurology

Clinical Rotations

The PGY-1 year is divided into 4 three-month rotation blocks: 2 blocks of primary care and neurology and 2 blocks of psychiatry (see table). Residents with an interest in child/adolescent populations may meet a portion of the primary care and neurology requirements at The Children’s Hospital (TCH).

The Intern year includes a half day per week outpatient psychiatry experience during the psychiatry blocks. This closely supervised clinic is designed to teach interviewing, diagnostic, and brief psychotherapy skills, and provide residents early exposure to the full range of mental illnesses and functional levels.

Sample Schedules

Sample Intern Year Schedule


PGY-1 residents have 5.5 hours per week of protected didactic time while on psychiatry rotations. The Intern curriculum focuses on core psychiatry knowledge and skills, and includes seminars on:

    • On-call skills
    • Personal Time Management Skills
    • Introduction to DSM-IV, 5 Axis Diagnostic System, and Diagnostic Formulation
    • Diagnosis, Phenomenology, and Psychopharmacology of Major Psychiatric Disorders
    • Psychiatric interviewing
    • Motivational interviewing Supportive psychotherapy
    • Introduction to evidence-based medicine
    • Introduction to psychotherapy

Scholarly Acitivites

Residents on the Integrated Track will begin their progects with protected time.


    • 1 mo psych night float (5 pm to 7 am Mon-Fri)
    • Approx 1 call/week on psych (in-house)
    • PGY-4 buddy supervision system for psych call

    • Medicine - shift system - 1 week of nights
    • Neurology - weekend shifts, no night call
    • Pediatrics - weekend shifts, no night call