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Contact Info:

Randy Ross, MD

Bldg. 500, Mail Stop F54613001 E. 17th Place Aurora, CO  80045

Phone: (303) 724-6203

Email: Dr. Ross


Integrated Track

Combining clinical training with research training


The Integrated Track is a five to six year program providing clinical training in general psychiatry and child-adolescent psychiatry and research training in developmental psychobiology and psychopathology. 

The primary goal of the program is to provide an educational experience that prepares academic clinician scientists for future leadership roles in child psychiatry.


Child psychiatry is entering an exciting period--advances in genetics, imaging, diagnostic tests, and treatment options will improve the lives of children and adolescents. Residents on the Integrated Track are learning the clinical and research skills that will allow them to be part of this revolution.

Some examples current trainees in the program are:

    • studying the interactions of psychological and social factors on pediatric cardiology disorders.
    • evaluating the potential role of misperception in anorexia nervosa
    • utilizing neuroimaging to identify neurological substrates of adolescent impulsive aggression
    • exploring the genetics of cannabis use in conduct disorder adolescents
    • applying magnetoencephalography to study brain function in children with autism
    • using neuroimaging and electrophysiological techniques to study sensory processing in bipolar disorder

Residents in the program

    • Become competent physicians treating a variety of medically and psychiatrically ill patients across the life span
    • Complete requirements of ACGME-approved psychiatry and child psychiatry training programs Gain knowledge in research methods and clinical outcomes
    • Participate in ongoing research activities and learn skills to develop and implement independent projects
    • Learn evidenced based modalities of clinical practice
    • Apply clinical and research interviewing skills, use imaging and behavioral genetics in patient populations
    • Are fully integrated into the psychiatry and child-adolescent psychiatry training programs, while doing both clinical and research training each year

Admission Requirements

Applications are accepted from graduates of MD/DO programs and equivalent international programs. Integrated Track residents are accepted via entry into the psychiatry residency, which uses the NRMP system for all PGY-I positions.


Year 1: Rotating Internship

Rotations: Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Adult Neurology, Child Neurology, Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Adult Outpatient Psychiatry (Continuity Clinic), Emergency, and Forensic Experiences, Protected Research Time

Didactics: Development, Diagnosis and Phenomenology, Psychopharmacology, Psychiatric Interviewing, Supportive Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Core Research Seminar: Developmental Psychobiology Research Group (DPRG).

Year 2: Acute Psychiatric Care

Rotations: Adult Psychiatry Inpatient, Child Psychiatry Inpatient, Child Psychiatry Outpatient, Adult Psychiatry Outpatient (Continuity Clinic), Child Psychiatry Consult/Liaison, Adult Psychiatry Consult/Liaison; Protected Research Time

Didactics: Psychopharmacology, Forensics, Development, Cultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapies—brief/crisis, group, DBT, psychodynamic, Core Research Seminar, Grand Rounds

Year 3: Integrating Clinical and Research Skills

Rotations: Outpatient adult and child psychiatry, including applications of imaging, genetics, standardized assessments, and manual-based treatments; addiction psychiatry, Multi-systemic therapy; Protected Research Time

Didactics: Core Research Seminar, Personality disorders, Evidence-based medicine, Child/family psychiatry, Substance abuse, tobacco cessation , Personality disorders, Advanced psychopharmacology, Psychotherapies - psychodynamic, group, CBT, DBT.

Year 4: Outpatient Year One

Pediatric Consult Liaison (C/L), School C/L, Developmental Disabilities C/L, Forensic, Child Psychiatry Outpatient, ER, Clinical Research, Adult Outpatient, Adult C/L, Didactics: Infant psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Psychotherapy, C/L Case Conference, Fellows’ Conference, Child Grand Round, Core Seminar-Systems, C/L, Research Seminar.

Year 5: Research Year One /Outpatient Year Two

School Consult Liaison, Developmental Disabilities, Forensics, ER, Child Outpatient, Protected Research Time Didactics: Core Seminar, Research Seminar, Child Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Fellows’ Conference.

Year 6 (Optional): Research Year Two

Protected Research Time

Didactics: Research Seminar