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These goals are accomplished by:Yes1
  1. The training program providing protected research time
  2. The availability of a wide number of research mentors who are approachable, available and expert clinician educators
  3. Not limiting projects to the scholarship of discovery (what we classically think of as bench or basic clinical science); many involve the scholarship of dissemination (such as a review) or the scholarship of application (such as a quality improvement project or case conference).
  4. The availability of core didactic experiences in evidenced based medicine and introductory research methods
Examples of current projects include:Yes2
  • Studying the effects of SSRI antidepressants on apathy
  • Reviewing the ethical dilemmas of provider-patient relationships in rural areas
  • Developing a martial arts program as an early intervention for teen substance abuse
  • Evaluating the association between deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease and psychiatric symptoms

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Want more?Yes3

If you are interested in pursuing a more in depth research experience or an academic career, please consider our unique Integrated Track and Research Track.​​