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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship


​Faculty ​Title/Position
​Richard Martinez, MD ​Program Director Forensic Psychiatry
​Jeffrey Metzner, MD ​Associate Program Director Forensic Psychiatry
​Patrick Fox, MD ​Associate Program Director Forensic Psychiatry
​Darren Lish, MD ​Associate Program Director Forensic Psychiatry
​Hal Wortzel, MD ​Associate Professor, VA Medical Center
​Al Singleton, MD ​Supervising Physician, CMHI Pueblo
​Casey Wolf, MD ​Clinical Assistant Professor
​Sarah Butler, MD ​Senior Instructor, Forensic Psychiatrist
​Sasha Rai, MD ​Forensic Psychiatrist, Denver Health
​Thomas Gray, PhD ​Clinical Coordinator, Court Services, CMHIP
​Robert McGahey, JD ​Judge, Denver District Court
​Michael Stafford, JD ​City Attorney
​Casey Frank, JD ​Private Practice Attorney
​Rose Manguso, PhD ​Senior Instructor
​Matthew DeLiere, MD ​Forensic Psychiatrist, Denver Health
​Ann Joseph, MD ​Forensic Psychiatrist, Denver Health
​Lubna Grewal, MD ​Forensic Psychiatrist, Denver Health
​Neil Gowensmith, PhD ​Denver University Forensic Psychologist