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Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship

Clinical Sites

The University of Colorado Forensic Fellowship Training Program prepares residents to become forensic specialists with experiences in criminal assessments, civil litigation, correctional care, and administrative psychiatry.

Residents may travel to various locations to conduct evaluations, including competency to proceed and sanity assessments. Some evaluations are completed on an outpatient basis at primary office sites at Colorado Mental Health Institute - Fort Logan. 

Training occurs within the following settings.

University of Colorado Hosptial University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)

This is the primary administrative site for the Forensic Fellowship Training Program.

Programs include evaluation and treatment center for foreign survivors of torture.

Colorado Office of Behavioral Health/CMHL-FL

This is the primary clinical site for the Forensic Training Program. Fellows' and director's offices are located here.

Department of Corrections Image 

Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC)

Fellows will obtain experience in Correctional Psychiatry at various correctional facilities throughout Colorado and provide services through a telepsychiatry clinic to remote DOC sites. Rotations in the Women's Correctional Facility are available for fellows.

Colordao Mental Health Institute at Pueblo 

Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP)

ITP and NGRI patients are hospitalized at CMHIP’s Institute for Forensic Psychiatry. This location, through its Court Services Division, oversees competency and sanity evaluations. While most evaluations are completed in Denver area jails, several trips a year to Pueblo allow Fellows to evaluate “high profile” cases.

Denver Health Medical Center Denver Health Medical Center (DHMC)
Denver City and County court assessments and clinical work in the Denver County Jails are administered through DHMC. In addition, rotation in the in-jail restoration program and Denver Police Dept. fitness for duty are part of the DHMC rotation.