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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

Program Overview

The Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  The program is created for graduates of ACGME-accredited psychiatry residencies who seek advanced education and training in psychosomatic medicine and who seek to develop a leadership role in the delivery of integrated health care.

The first unique aspect of this fellowship is its focus on family-oriented, patient-centered care.  A specific model of family therapy, the problem-centered systems therapy of the family (PCSTF) is taught to fellows. Fellows will become knowledgeable and develop skills in working with patients and their families across all systems of care.

The second unique aspect of this fellowship is its focus on providing fellows with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in the delivery of integrated care. For integrated care to meet the needs of patients, psychiatry must be at the forefront of an integrated delivery of medical and behavioral health treatment. An emphasis throughout this program is on working collaboratively with physicians in other disciplines. The fellow will learn how to effectively lead a team of behavioral health providers. In the outpatient setting, the fellow will work at nationally recognized community sites that promote integrated care.  There will an opportunity to work in a research capacity, focusing on the development of health promotion in medical illnesses.

Fellows in our psychosomatic medicine program will:

  • Exceed the basic competencies in psychosomatic medicine via clinical rotations in inpatient and outpatient settings and a rigorous, multidisciplinary didactics program.
  • Develop a strong knowledge base concerning the role of interpersonal, family, and system-oriented factors in medical illness and practice, and develop the skills to effectively intervene across these levels of experience.
  • Develop skills as an educator for medical students and residents, as well as other health care providers.
  • Develop expertise at the interface of medicine and psychiatry (mind/body) across the spectrum of medical illnesses.
  • Be able to implement and promote integrative care in community settings.
  • Develop expertise in models of preventative care and promotion of wellness.



                                                             Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship received a 5 Year Accreditation from ACGME 2011