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Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship

Program Overview


The Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).  The program is created for graduates of ACGME-accredited psychiatry residencies who seek advanced education and training in psychosomatic medicine and who seek to develop a leadership role in the delivery of integrated health care in the inpatient and the outpatient setting. Training takes place across two clinical sites, The University of Colorado Hospital and Denver Health. These hospital systems serve different patient populations and descriptions can be found elsewhere on this website.  Our residency and fellowships have a strong emphasis on excellent teaching skills for medical student and residents.

Goals of the fellowship:
  1. You will develop expertise in the basics of psychosomatic medicine.
  2. You can choose between several elective tracks.
        • Women’s Behavioral Health Track.
        • Integrated community-based care programs
        • Neurology (DBS and movement disorder clinic, epilepsy clinic  and treatment of non-epileptic seizures).
        • Organ Transplant
        • Family-oriented care. 

The Women’s Behavioral Health Track teaches  the specifics of caring for women across the life cycle. Fellows will rotate through medical specialties such as adolescent medicine, OBGYN, and oncology.  The curriculum is available  on request.

Each fellow is expected to complete a scholarly project that results in a poster presentation or a paper for journal submission.

Click here to meet our faculty.

Looking forward to meeting with you,


Alison Heru, MD
Program Director


                                                             Psychosomatic Medicine Fellowship received a 5 Year Accreditation from ACGME 2011

 Click on the videos below to hear about our program from our faculty and fellows.




Dr. Alison Heru

Dr. Philippe Weintraub

Dr. Abby Snavely

Dr. William Lugo-Sanchez