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Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship


Christian Thurstone, M.D., is board-certified in child psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. After finishing his fellowships, he completed 5 years of mentored research training through the AACAP/NIDA Physician Scientist Training Program in Substance Abuse. His research focuses on improving adolescent substance treatment and making it more accessible. Dr. Thurstone serves as the program director, a lecturer, attending physician scholary project mentor, an associate professor of psychiatry and a major in the U.S. Army Reserve.


​Name ​Information
​Shaweta Babbar, MD ​A recent graduate of the addiction psychiatry fellowship at Yale University, Dr. Babbar is the director of the opioid replacement at Denver Health.  Her interests include incorporating acupuncture and mindfulness into addiction treatment.  She is a lecturer and attending physician for the program. 
Dayan Colon Sanchez, MD ​Dr. Colon Sanchez is a general psychiatrist and addiction psychiatrist.  She is an attending psychiatrist at Denver Health in the methadone and buprenorphine clinics.  Dr. Colon Sanchez has interest and expertise in providing addiction services to Latino and Spanish-speaking patients.  Her scholarly work focuses on the relationship between recent Medicad expansion and methadone teatment outcomes.  She is a recent graduate of the psychiatry residency and addiction fellowship programs at the University of Colorado. 
Christian Hopfer, MD ​Dr. Hopfer is a child psychiatrist and professor at the University of Colorado.  He conducts research in the marijuana and genetics of addiction and serves as an attending physician and lecturer for the fellowship.
Robert House, MD ​Dr. House is the Director of Behavioral Health at Denver Health and manages the consult service for the hospital.  A retired Army Colonel, his interests include psychosomatic and military medicine.  He serves as an attending physician for the training program. 
Kaylin Klie, MD ​Dr. Klie is a family medicine physician and recently completed a fellowship in addiction medicine.  She directs the Women and Family Services Clinic at Denver Health and has expertise in the treatment of addiction in pregnant women and the management of neonatal withdrawal.  She serves as a lecturer and an attending for the fellowship.
Patrick Fehling, MD ​Dr. Fehling is an addiction psychiatrist who serves as an attending and lecturer for the fellowship.  He has expertise and experience in private practice opportunities.
Laura Martin, MD ​Dr. Martin is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine physician who serves as the medical director of CeDAR. 
Patricia Pade, MD ​Dr. Pade is an internal medicine and addiction physician.  She is the director of the addiction medicine fellowship, which collaborates with the addiction psychiatry fellowship.  Dr. Pade also manages the addiction and pain consult service for the University of Colorado.  Dr. Pade is a lecturer and attending physician for the fellowship.
Paula Riggs, MD ​Dr. Riggs is a child psychiatrist, addiction psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado.  She is the director of the Division of Substance Dependence at the University of Colorado.  She has extensive expertise in clinical research for adolescents with substance use disorders and as a research mentor.  She serves as a lecturer for the fellowship. 
Jonathan Ritvo, MD

​Dr. Ritvo is a very experienced addiction psychiatrist.  He was the addiction psychiatry fellowship training director for a decade before becoming an attending physician at CeDAR.  He currently is an attending physician supervisor for the fellowship.

Joseph Sakai, MD ​Dr. Sakai is an addiction psychiatrist who is the direcor of adolescent services at ARTS.  He serves as the associate training director, lecturer, attending physician and scholarly project mentor.  His reserach interests include genetics and neuroimaging.