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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship


The fellowship consists of twelve months of clinical training for PGY-V addiction residents.  Residents have an option of spreading the clinical training over two years at 50% time and having 50% time for research. ​​

Residential substance treatment

Fellows manage cases at the Center for Dependence, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR), a premier residential substance treatment program that attracts patients from around the world. Through this experience, fellows hone their skills and knowledge in assessment, psychotherapy (group and individual), psychopharmacology, 12-step and overall management of patients with addiction.



Fellows manage cases presenting in the Denver Health and Hospital Authority methadone clinic. Through this experience, fellows become fully competent in the assessment and treatment of opioid use disorder with methadone.

Outpatient substance treatment

Fellows provide care in the Denver Health outpatient substance treatment programs. Through this experience, fellows provide care in the intensive outpatient program and the buprenoprhine clinic. Fellows gain experience in outpatient evaluation, psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy of addictions.

Adolescent substance treatment

Fellows evaluate and treat adolescents in the Denver Health outpatient substance treatment program. Through this experience, fellows develop competence in motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management and pharmacotherapy of adolescent substance use disorders.


Fellows have didactic and journal club on Wednesday afternoons. Through this experience, fellows develop a broad fund of knowledge needed to care for patient and excel on the board certification exam. The didactic includes the coursework required to receive a buprenorphine waiver.

Scholarly project

Fellows spend Friday afternoons on their scholarly project. The University of Colorado Division of Substance Dependence is internationally recognized for its research expertise in adolescents, genetics, HIV prevention, neuroimaging and treatment. Fellows are paired with a mentor who is an expert in their field. The projects are presented at a Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds at the end of the year.​ 

The fellowship can be tailored to trainees’ interests and career plans. Fellows are required to pick at least one 6-month elective. Current electives opportunities include:

Inpatient consult service

Fellows work on the inpatient wards and the medical intensive care unit at Denver Health  to manage complex medical cases of addiction and withdrawal.

Psychiatric emergency department

Denver Health is widely recognized for its Level I trauma center. The Denver Health emergency department has over 7,000 annual patient encounters. Fellows work with emergency medicine experts to manage complex medical cases with co-occurring substance-related disorders.


Denver CARES

Denver CARES is one of the first social detoxification centers and serves as a national model. During this rotation, fellows evaluate and treat patients who are undergoing the involuntary commitment and petition process. Fellows gain valuable experience with systems of care, including the court system.


Denver Correctional Care

Fellows evaluate and manage patients who have substance-related disorders and who are incarcerated. Fellows gain valuable expertise in forensic aspects of addiction treatment.


University of Colorado pain clinic

Fellows gain valuable experience in managing patients with co-occurring pain and addiction. ​