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Teaching Philosophy

Since its inception nearly 70 years ago, the Department of Psychiatry has worked to educate medical students, graduate physicians and students from other ​health disciplines in the field of psychiatry, human behavior and development. Our goals today are built on the ones from 1923; to teach basic knowledge in the theory and clinical practice of psychiatry in a bio-psycho-social model; to promote the physician's development of skills in the various forms of treatment from psychopharmacological to intensive insight-oriented psychotherapy; to learn to understand and deal with human behavior individually, in the family, in groups and in society; to teach an awareness of the psychosocial problems of our patients from the infant to the aged; to educate health professionals and the public about the interaction of mind and body; to promote the natural curiosity of our students about human behavior in normalcy and disease.


Faculty Profiles

Dr. Laura Martin
Dr. Robert Feinstein
Dr. Ann Olincy
Dr. Chris Schneck