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Psychiatry Resident, Fellow and Faculty Profiles


Below are collections of the current class photos.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Residents

First Year Child Fellows

Second Year Child Fellows

Addition Psychiatry Fellows and Director
Forensic Psychiatry Fellows and Director
PGY-1 Residents
PGY-2 Residents
PGY-3 Residents

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PGY-4 Residents

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Currently there are 44 residents and 16 fellows in our programs.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - 1st Year

Galia Abadi, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2007

Interests: psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis

Adam Burstein, DO
New York Institute of Technology, College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2007

Interests: child/adolescent psychiatry, families, preventive psychiatry

Member-in-Training representative to Colorado Psychiatric Society Executive Council

Raven Lipmanson, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2007

Asa Marokus, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2007

Interests: psychodynamic psychotherapy, teaching, adolescent psychiatry, telepsychiatry, veterans psychiatry, substance use

Jessica Stern, MD
Ohio State University College of Medicine, 2007

Integrated Track

Interests: research, child and adolescent psychiatry, adolescents with conduct, mood, and addiction co-morbidity

David Williams, MD
Ohio State University College of Medicine, 2007

Interests: outpatient psychotherapy, neurosis and personality disorders, teaching, administrative psychiatry

2009 AACAP Educational Outreach Program recipient

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - 2st Year

Anthony Cordaro, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, 2006

Integrated Track

Interests: research, chronic disease and mental health in children and adolescents

Audrey Dumas, MD
Tulane University School of Medicine, 2006

Interests: infant and child psychiatry, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Katherine Keeton, DO
Des Moines University, Osteopathic Medical Center, 2001

Scot McKay, MD
Medical University of South Carolina, 2006

Interests: child/adolescent psychiatry, young adults in transition, student mental health

Michael Rollin, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2006

APIRE/Janssen Resident Psychiatric Research Scholar 2008-09

Integrated Track

Interests: research, sensory and cognitive processing, child/adolescent psychiatry

Addiction Psychiatry Fellows

Travis Lajoie, DO
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2006

Narin Wongngamnit, MD
Indiana University, 2006

    APIRE/Janssen Resident Psychiatric Research Scholar 2008-09

    Research track

    Interests: research, pain medicine


Forensic Psychiatry Fellows

John Maxey, DO
Des Moines University, 2004

Michael Thurman, MD
Loma Linda University, 1991

Psychosomatic Medicine Fellow

Kim Conger, MD
University of California, Davis, 2006

Interests: medicine-psychiatry interface, C-L psychiatry, addiction, therapy, neuropsychiatry, multi specialty approaches.


Mac Black, MD
University of Washington School of Medicine, 2010

Jacqueline Calderone, MD
Sackler School of Medicine, 2010

Emily Collins, MD
Emory University School of Medicine, 2010

Kerri Entin, MD
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, 2010

Amanda Hutchison, MD
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, 2010

Walter Lee, MD
University of Illinois College of Medicine, 2010

Michael McCormick, MD
Louisiana State University School of Medicine, 2010

Leigh Nathan, MD
Temple University School of Medicine, 2010

Dan Nguyen, MD
University of Nevada School of Medicine, 2010

Erin O'Flaherty, MD
Texas A & M University System HSC College of Medicine, 2010

Sangeeta Patel, MD
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, 2010

Jeanne Theobald, MD
University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, 2010

Maureen Ullrich, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin, 2009


Lisa Brand-Gardner, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2009

Child Interest Track

Elizabeth Calvin, MD
Baylor College of Medicine, 2009

Integrated Track

Brian Haigh, MD
Tulane University, 2009

Child Interest Track

Daniel Hochman, MD
University of Texas Medical Branch, 2009

Interests: Obesity, eating disorders

Sarah Kuykendall, MD
University of Texas Southwestern, 2009

Rupi Legha, MD
Harvard Medical School, 2009

Child Interest Track

Catherine MacColl, MD
Tulane University, 2006

TJ Pavey, MD
University of Minnesota, 2009

Child Interest Track

Nikhil Rao, MD
University of Oklahoma, 2009

Integrated Track

Jason Rodriguez, MD
Univeristy of Illinois, 2009

Marissa Schiel, MD, PhD
Indiana University, 2009

Integrated Track

Emily Sheldon, MD
Medical College of Georgia, 2008

Child Interest Track

Donna Vishnevetsky, MD
Thomas Jefferson University, 2000

Integrated Track


Melissa Batt, MD
University of Texas Health Science Center of San Antonio, 2008

Integrated Track, child/adolescent psychiatry research

Beau Carubia, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2008

Child Interest Track

Adam Coles, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2008

Integrated Track

Roger Fox, MD
Lousiana State University, 2006

Milind Gadgil, MD
University of Kansas, 2008

Integrated Track

Member-in-Training representative to Colorado Psychiatric Society Executive Council

Kurt Humphrey, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2008

Colleen McGuire, DO
Touro University California, College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2008

Interests: Child/adolescent psychiatry

Abby Lozano, MD
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, 2008

Interests: Adult psychiatry

Hy Gia Park, MD
University of Hawaii, 2008

Interests: Neuropsychiatry, adult psychiatry

Joseph Schuermeyer, MD
University of Toledo, 2008

Interests: Psychotherapy, adult psychiatry

Genevieve Yancey, MD
Medical University of South Carolina, 2008

I’ve been interested in psychiatry since early adolescence, and my first desire for residency is to explore the discipline. Although ultimately I’m interested in an academic career, during my training years, I want a balanced education to the forms of therapy and pharmacologic approaches to patient treatment. I came to Colorado to make myself a specialist within Psychiatry, but one built from the ground up. I think this will make me not only a better teacher, but a better learner with a broader array of questions. Also important, however, will be my clinical research experience with the mentorship here. Not only will it foster proactive thinking, but it will prepare me for my future career.


Patrick Fehling, MD
University of Wisconsin, 2007

Interests: adult psychiatry, forensic psychiatry

Ergi Gumusaneli, MD
University of California, Irvine, 2007

Interests: Forensics, academics/teaching

Elizabeth Lowdermilk, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2006

Sanh Nguyen, DO
Touro University California, College of Osteopathic Medicine, 2007

Interests: child/adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy

Erinn Stauter, MD
University of Colorado Denver, 2007

Interests: addiction psychiatry, anxiety/depression, personality disorders

Gila Steinbock, M.D.
Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 2000

Interests: child/adolescent psychiatry

Melissa Wilkes, MD
University of Texas Medical School at Houston, 2007

Interests: women’s mental health, pregnancy, psychopharmacology

Our faculty have a strong committment toward resident training.

Dr. Laura Martin

        The creative juices that fuel innovative directions in schizophrenia research do not occur in a vacuum.  Dr. Laura Martin, a Psychiatrist at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD), balances life in the lab by sharing precious time with her two children and escaping into fantasies of opening her own winery. Her ability to maintain focus amidst so many priorities is admirable; however, Dr. Martin attributes her success to the many opportunities she has been allowed to explore, as well as the amazing mentors found within her program.

        The strength of research is just one aspect of the Psychiatry program that attracted Dr. Martin to UCD. Her ability to incorporate clinical work, teaching, and research both in residency and as faculty have provided Dr. Martin with the professional diversity she was searching for. In an attempt to avoid the ‘one track’ residency, Dr. Martin found a program with an associated psychoanalytic institute that would provide teaching and supervision for psychodynamic therapy to balance the increasing focus of many training programs on pharmacotherapy.  She currently serves as Associate Program Director, overseeing the PGY-2 year, supervising residents and teaching Advanced Psychopharmacology.

       In Dr. Martin’s senior year she completed a project geared toward identifying possible physiological deficits present in persons with psychotic mania when they were not acutely ill.  As a result, she gathered and analyzed enough data for three manuscripts (two of which have been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and the American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B:  Neuropsychiatric Genetics).  She was also awarded an American Psychiatric Association resident research award, a travel award to the annual Biological Psychiatry meeting, and a competitive research fellowship from the Department of Veterans Affairs, esteemed accomplishments in any career.  Dr. Martin’s current research is focusing on the physiological deficits in persons with schizophrenia.  Given her findings that nicotine has been shown to reverse some of these deficits, this biological system has become her major area of focus.

      Providing assistance and inspiration to Dr. Martin are Dr. Ann Olincy and Dr. Robert Freedman.  Both psychiatrists embody an impressive psychiatric and basic science knowledge base, excellent communication skills, genuine concern and respect for their students, outstanding clinical skills and service to the academic and general community, making each a model mentor.  It is this distinguished mentorship, along with Dr. Laura Martin’s experience that exemplifies the strengths of the UCD program: clinical psychiatry, research, education, and professional guidance and development.


Dr. Robert Feinstein

      Robert E. Feinstein, M.D. is currently Professor and Vice Chairman of Clinical Education and Evidence Based Medicine Integration in the department of Psychiatry of Psychiatry, and Senior Associate Dean of Education for the University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine. He is also the Practice Director University of Colorado Hospital Psychiatric Outpatient Department.

      Vice Chairman of Clinical Education and Evidence Based Medicine Integration in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Denver.  He is also  the Practice Director of University Hospital Psychiatric Outpatient at North Pavilion.

       Dr Feinstein has spent his entire career in academic medical education, clinical care of patients, clinically oriented research, while holding high-level administrative and educational positions in New York and Connecticut. Previously, he has been a faculty member Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and New York Medical College.

      Dr. Feinstein is a adult & adolescent psychiatrist, pharmacologist, and psychoanalyst, who specializes in multiple forms of psychotherapies combined with biological treatments. He has worked many year in primary care sites, psychiatric emergency rooms, on a psychiatric research unit, as a site director of medical student education, director of behavioral medicine, director of New York Medical College Westchester Medical Center Psychiatric Residency Training Program. He has also be site director of psychiatric research at NYMC/WMC and was previously   medical director of an outpatient psychiatric mental health company. Currently he has been heavily involved in medical informatics, implementation of system wide psychiatric electronic medical record, and evidence-based medicine teaching.

      As an educator he has developed three different full curriculums: one for family practice residents, a wellness curriculum for patients, and a major revision for a psychiatric residency-training program.  He has been teacher of the year 4 times, in three different educational setting. He has given over 1000 lectures to students and presents regularly at local, regional, and national meetings. 

      He is widely published in peer-reviewed journals and major textbooks focusing on primary care psychiatry and psychiatric aspects of cardiovascular diseases, wellness and lifestyle change, suicide and violence, and personality disorders. He is a former section editor for Behavioral Medicine in Heart Disease and is currently section editor of Complementary & Behavioral Medicine in Cardiology in Review.  He has published one book entitled "Primary Care Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine: Brief Office Treatment and Management Pathways. Springer Publishing, New York, New York 1999.

      Over the years he has been a funded educational researcher with several grants totaling approximately $600,000. His research interest include suicide and violence, prevention oriented primary care, primary care psychiatry and behavioral medicine, and psychiatric aspects of cardiovascular disease, evidence-based medicine, and psychotherapy.


Dr. Ann Olincy

      While Dr. Ann Olincy wears many hats at UCD, one of her favorite roles and main sources of inspiration and motivation is helping residents to become excellent psychiatrists.

      Dr. Olincy came to UCD from Mayo Medical School for her residency because of the diversity of the three hospitals, the size of the program (allowing for interaction with many people), and the location in beautiful Colorado. She stayed as she fell in love with Colorado, and began a research fellowship that got her hooked on academics and schizophrenia.

      Dr. Olincy’s research has paved quite a path for her in the psychiatry program at UCD. Her pursuit of answers in this field stem from her role as clinician, working with families of schizophrenia and seeing firsthand the devastation this disease causes. As a researcher, Dr. Olincy has realized her job is not simply an academic exercise; it is the most promising way to improve her patient’s lives. It is this realization that has inspired her dedication in the lab. She is currently researching the genetics of schizophrenia. Dr. Olincy’s special interest regards the role of deficits in nicotinic receptors, and her lab is pursuing the possibility of using α-7 nicotinic agonists to enhance cognition in schizophrenia. She hopes to expand this research into cognitive deficits in bipolar disorder.

      As an Associate Residency Director, Dr. Olincy aims to improve the residency track to better meet the needs of each psychiatrist in the UCD program. She works with residents both in and out of the laboratory and says that working with them keeps her sharp. Through teaching at UCD, Dr. Olincy is able to continually stay on top of the latest developments in psychiatry as residents present her with questions and new findings that she hasn’t yet heard; they provide more information than she would acquire by reading several psychiatry journals a week. Plus, working with residents allows her to see patients from a fresh perspective.

      Some of the residents she works most closely with describe Dr. Olincy as not only a teacher, but a model of the many characteristics that are key to being a good clinical scientist: caring for the patients whose illness you seek to study, displaying a passion for the research you undertake, serving as a high ethical standard for the research performed, and demonstrating a meticulousness for detail.

      It is clear that one of the most defined hats that Dr. Olincy sports in her department is that of an approachable mentor and colleague willing to assist anyone in their quest for answers in psychiatric wellness.


Dr. Chris Schneck

        Christopher Schneck, MD, is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He is currently the Director of Consultation Services at the University of Colorado Denver Depression Center, works in the outpatient division of the University of Colorado Hospital, and is an Associate Medical Director at Colorado Access (Colorado Medicaid).

Dr. Schneck received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his medical degree from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (UCHSC). He completed his Internal Medicine Internship, Psychiatric Residency training and Clinical Psychiatry Fellowship at the Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. Dr. Schneck joined the UCD faculty in 1995 where he supervises and teaches both medical students and residents. He has received both local and national awards for his teaching.

Dr. Schneck's primary area of interest and research is in bipolar disorder, with a particular emphasis on rapid cycling bipolar disorder and adolescent bipolar disorder. He has given numerous lectures on the topic and is currently involved in two National Institute of Mental Health research studies-one examining the efficacy of Family Focused Treatment of adolescents with bipolar disorder, and one examining family focused treatment as early intervention in adolescents at risk for bipolar disorder. He has published in numerous journals, including The American Journal of Psychiatry, Archives of General Psychiatry, The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, The Journal of Affective Disorders, , Current Psychiatry and the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. In 2004 and 2005 he was recognized as one of Denver's "Top Doctors" in 5280, a local Denver magazine.