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Key Psychiatry Fellowship and Residency Program Faculty

Clinical Responsibilities and Research Interests

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Name Primary Location Role Clinical & Research Interests
Allen, Michael UCH Director, emergency psychiatry service Bipolar disorder, suicide emergency psychiatry
Becker, Amy CHCO Emergency psychiatry service Inpatient psychiatry, emergency psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry
Beresford, Carol CHCO Neuropsychiatric Special Care Program Child and adolescent psychiatry, dual diagnosis dual diagnosis/mental illness
Beresford, Thomas VAMC Consult-liaison psychiatry service Alcoholism, ego defense mechanisms
Carter, Debbie UCH / CHCO UCH OPD child & adolescent outpatient psychiatry director Department of Psychiatry diversity coordinator, multi-systemic therapy, high risk youth, cultural competency
Chambless, Tamara DHMC Emergency psychiatry service Emergency psychiatry
Cook, Mary UCH/CHCO Medical Director of Clinical Services, Psychiatry, CHCO Disruptive and anxiety behavior disorders
Coors, Marilyn Dept. of Psychiatry
CU Center for Bioethics
Associate Professor Medical ethics, bioethics
Davies, Robert UCH Psychiatry Program Director, Medical Student Education Director
Outpatient psychiatry service
Mood & anxiety disorders, martial arts, addiction disorders, medical student education
Dausch, Barbara VA Outpatient psychiatry service Family-focused therapy, bipolar disorder, PTSD
Freedman, Robert UCH / VAMC Chairman, Psychiatry Department Central nervous system physiology and pharmacology, genetics, schizophrenia
Feinstein, Robert UCH Vice Chairman of Clinical Education, Psychiatry Senior Associate Dean of Education, School of Medicine Practice Director, UCH outpatient psychiatry service Evidence based medicine, medical student education, psychotherapy
Fenton, Lynne UCH Director, Student Mental Health Service Student mental health, psychotherapy
Foster, Jeffrey VAMC Geriatric psychiatry service Geriatric psychiatry
Frank, Guido UC SOM / CHCO Clinical Researcher, Developmental Brain Research Program
Attending Psychiatrist, Eating Disorders Unit, CHCO
Functional neuroimaging
Frankel, Karen Kempe / UCH Director, Irving Harris Program
Director, Kempe Therapeutic Preschool
UCH early childhood clinic
Infant psychiatry
Giese, Alexis UCH Outpatient psychiatry service
Vice Chair for GME, Department of Psychiatry
Clinical services & administration, program evaluation/consultation, public psychiatry
Guillemet, Isabelle CHCO Medical Director, Intensive Services Child & adolescent psychiatry, family psychotherapy
Hagman, Jennifer CHCO Eating Disorders Unit Eating disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry
Harris, Josette Depts. of Psychiatry & Family Medicine Program Director, Psychology Internship Neuropsychology, neuropsychological testing
Helfrich, Roger VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Outpatient psychiatry
Heru, Alison UCH / NJC Psychosomatic Medicine Program Director
UCH Consult Liaison Director
Family psychiatry
Hoggan, Gary VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service, telepsychiatry Anxiety disorders, psychotherapy
Hopfer, Christian UCH Research advisor Substance dependence
House, Robert DHMC Director of Behavior Health Services
CL psychiatry service
Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry
CL psychiatry
Kelsay, Kimberly CHCO Program Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Kusumi, Jonathan DHMC Child and adolescent psychiatry service Child and adolescent psychiatry, inpatient psychiatry
Lowdermilk, Elizabeth DHMC Integrated Physical/Behavioral Health Womens Mental Health, Administrative Psychiatry
Lurie, Susan CHCO Attending Psychiatrist, Intensive Services Medical Director, OCD and Anxiety D/O Program Anxiety disorders
Madison, Alice VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service psychotherapy
Martin, Harold VAMC Associate Program Director CL psychiatry service CL psychiatry
Martin, Laura UCH Associate Program Director PGY-2 liaison, scholarship and research development Schizophrenia, biological psychiatry, nicotine
Martinez, Richard DHMC Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Director Forensic psychiatry and ethics
McEnany, Mary VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Integrated care
McGloin, Lisa DHMC Outpatient psychiatry service Women's mental health
Miller, Keith VAMC Inpatient psychiatry service  
Mukherjee, Gopa VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Psychotherapy
Nagamoto, Herb VAMC Vice Chair, VAMC, Dept. of Psychiatry
Schizophrenia, PTSD, veterans, healthcare administration
Nordstrom, Kimberly DHMC Medical Director, Psychiatric Emergency Service
Emergency psychiatry, public psychiatry & policy
Novins, Doug CHCO Chair, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, CHCO
Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry
Telepsychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, Native American mental health, cross-cultural psychiatry, research
Nussbaum, Abraham DHMC Inpatient psychiatry service Psychiatry education, psychiatric interviewing
Olincy, Ann UCH Associate Program Director
Outpatient psychiatry service
Schizophrenia neurophysiology, genetics, pharmacology.
Park, Charlie UCH Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehabilitation (CeDAR)
Addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy
Power, Linda VAMC Inpatient psychiatry Inpatient psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry
Riggs, Paula UCH Department of Psychiatry Adolescent substance abuse disorders research
Ritvo, Jonathan UCH Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) Addiction disorders, psychotherapy
Rothberg, Brian UCH Associate Practice Director, UCH outpatient psychiatry service Group psychotherapy
Ross, Randy UCH Director of Research Training Integrated Track Autism, schizophrenia, early onset disorders
Sakai, Joe UCH & ARTS Addiction psychiatry, cross-cultural psychiatry  
Savin, Dan UCH Outpatient psychiatry service Cross-cultural psychiatry, refugee psychiatry
St. John-Larkin, Celeste CHCO Child & adolescent psychiatry inpatient service Child & adolescent psychiatry
Schneck, Christopher UCH Outpatient psychiatry service Director of Consultation Services, Depression Center Bipolar disorder clinical research
Shore, Jay UCH / VAMC  Department of Psychiatry Telepsychiatry, cross-cultural psychiatry
Shuman, Charles DHMC Addiction psychiatry outpatient service Addiction psychiatry
Snavely, Abby UCH Consult liaison service Mood disorders, women’s mental health, psychotherapy
Sturges, Michael VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Psychopharmacology
Tank, Carolyn VAMC Outpatient psychiatry  
Thomas, Marshall UCH Executive Director, Depression Center Health services research, integrated care
Thurstone, Christian DHMC Adolescent substance abuse service Motivational interviewing, psychotherapy for addiction disorders
Traut, Carol DHMC Addiction Psychiatry Program Director Opiate dependence, women with addiction disorders
Urosevich, Ron VAMC Inpatient psychiatry service PTSD
Vest, Kevin VAMC Associate Program Director, Psychiatry Residency
Practice Director, Outpatient Mental Health Services
Outpatient psychiatry, veterans
Wamboldt, Marianne CHCO   Physically ill children
Family psychiatry
Wasserstein, Mitzi VAMC Outpatient Psychiatry Consultation-liaison psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry
Weintraub, Phil DHMC / UCH UCH outpatient psychiatry service Denver Health CL psychiatry service Adolescent development, adolescent depression
Weissberg, Michael UCH Outpatient psychiatry service Sleep disorders, medical student education
Whyte, Eric VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Psychotherapy
Winter, Don VAMC Outpatient psychiatry service Veterans, PTSD, depression
Wortzel, Hal VAMC MIRECC  (Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center) Neuropsychiatry, suicide, forensic psychiatry, PTSD, forensic applications of neuro-imaging techniques
Yager, Joel UCH Outpatient psychiatry service IPT, psychotherapy