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Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychology

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Clinical Rotations

Our curriculum covers two years in which the first year clinical and didactic experiences addresses essential skills and the second year allows the resident to use the block of elective time to gain intensive experiences in specific clinical, administrative and/or research areas.


 Clinical Experiences


Intensive Patient Experience

The Intensive patient experience involves supervised experiences in which the resident functions as the primary clinician and team member for the treatment of children and/or their families. Group, individual and family therapies are practiced in these settings. Several affiliate institutions are utilized for this experience.

8 Months 1 Month 2 Months
Intensive Patient Services* Emergency Psychiatry Services Consulation/Liaison at CHCO
Max 30 Hours/Week Max 30 Hours/Week Max 30 Hours/Week
*Intensive Patient sites rotate between Children's Hospital Colorado Inpatient (CHCO), Denver Health Medical Center, CHCO Neuropsychiatric Special Care Services, and CHCO Eating Disorders Unit

Outpatient Clinics

12 Months
Child, Adolescent and Family Outpatient Clinics*
10 Hours a Week
* Outpatient clinics are at UCH and CHCO
University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) Outpatient Clinic:


  • Training activities include triage, diagnosis, treatment, and systems consultation/intervention (e.g. schools, social services agencies, courts, non-psychiatric physicians and mental health practitioners). Both short and long-term treatments are provided. Individual treatment modalities include parent counseling, infant mental health, family therapy, and individual psychodynamic, learning/cognitive/behavioral, and pharmacologic therapies. A “private practice” model is utilized’ i.e., residents are responsible for the care of their patients during working hours and an after-hours answering service is provided by on-call residents.
  • Residents maintain a caseload of approximately ten hours per week. Some cases are seen weekly and some less frequently depeding on the patient's needs and treatment modality. Residents are assigned cases as needed to maintain a caseload of adequate size and diversity. Residents may also solicit/accept direct referrals of cases of interest. In that this is an ongoing rotation of two years duration, all resident gain experience with long-term therapies where they are clinically indicated and supported.

On Call

Each resident covers just over 3 weeks of call per year, apportioned throughout the year. Weekday call consists of phone coverage for Children’s Hospital Colorado ED and inpatient services, begins at 10pm and consists of phone coverage. Residents do not come into the hospital during weekday call. Weekend call consists of evaluating new admissions in person. An attending is on call at all times and also evaluates all new admissions in person.

Other after hour services and duties are covered by our attendings and moonlighters. Residents may moonlight at approved sites if they choose.

Psychotherapy Supervision

All residents receive two hours minimum of weekly supervision in the Outpatient Clinic and from faculty supervisors. Typically this includes supervision from the primary faculty in the clinic and from community volunteer faculty supervisors with expertise in psychotherapy. Second year residents are allowed to make specific requests for supervisors of choice, often with a particular clinical interest/expertise. In addition to these two hours weekly of outpatient supervision, each of the specialty clinics – Infant, Family Therapy, and Refugee Mental Health- provide supervision for their own cases.


Outpatient Clinics

Second year residents continue to have outpatient continuity clinic experience. These include specialty clinics in infant mental health, family therapy and refugee mental health.

School Based Mental Health

Residents rotate through school based clinics in several Denver Public Schools in conjunction with faculty from Denver Health. Depending on resident interest, this varies from 3-12 months.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Experience (JFK Clinic)

All residents spend one day per week for three months in an assessment clinic for children presenting with autism features. Residents participate in multidisciplinary team assessment.

Pediatric Neurology Clinic

Residents also participate in the CHCO Pediatric neurology clinic once a week for two months. This clinic is supervised by the training director of pediatric neurology.


16 hours/week are devoted to an individualized elective experience designed with a primary faculty mentor to foster advanced knowledge and skill in research, clinical expertise and administrative/teaching arenas. Some examples include: psychotherapy elective, pediatric consultation within a pediatric primary care clinic and research in neuroimaging in children with early-onset schizophrenia.

Community Mental Health

All residents spend two days a month providing C/L services, team consultation and direct clinical consultation to mental health professionals in a community mental health setting. This is a 12 month rotation in which the residents provide child and adolescent psychiatric consultation to community mental health centers both in the metropolitan Denver/Denver Suburban areas, and in the outlying parts of the state of Colorado. Several clinics offer telemedicine experiences.