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Teaching Faculty


Name  Rank and Program Title
Heather Adams, MD ​Assistant Professor
Amy Becker, MD Senior Clincial Instructor
Carol Beresford, MD Assistant Professor 
Debbie Carter, MD Associate Professor
​Beau Carubia, MD
​Assistant Professor
Associate Program Director
Mary Cook, MD Assistant Professor
Guido Frank, MD Assistant Professor 
Karen Frankel, PhD Associate Professor
Isabelle Guillemet, MD Associate Professor
Jennifer Hagman, MD  Associate Professor
Christian Hopfer, MD Associate Professor 
Kimberly Kelsay, MD
Associate Professor
Program Director
Jonathan Kusumi, MD Instructor
Douglas Novins, MD Associate Professor
Adam Coles, MD Assistant Professor
Susan Lurie, MD Associate Professor
Julie Parsons, MD
Senior Instructor
Child Neurology Residency Program Director
John Peterson, MD Associate Professor
Gautam Rajendran, MD ​Assistant Professor
Judith Reaven, PhD Assistant Professor
Christine McDunn, PhD Assistant Professor
Randal Ross, MD Professor
Elise Sannar, MD Senior Instructor
Daniel Savin, MD Associate Professor
Celeste St. John-Larkin, MD Senior Instructor
​Sally Tarbell, PhD ​Associate Professor
Vice Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ​
Associate Professor 
Assistant Professor ​