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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship

Clinical Sites

All residents receive two hours minimum of weekly supervision in clinic or at their training site from faculty supervisors.  Second year residents are allowed to make specific requests for supervisors of choice, often with a particular clinical interest/expertise. In addition to these two hours weekly of outpatient supervision, each of the specialty clinics – Infant, Family Therapy, and Refugee Mental Health- provide supervision for their own cases.

   Clinical Site Description
  Children's Hospital Colorado Children's Hospital Colorado is a private, non-profit, tertiary-care pediatric hospital, which serves the state of Colorado, and several surrounding states. Psychiatric treatment services include an inpatient child psychiatric unit, an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit, a combined adolescent med-psych service, psychiatric day treatment, partial-hospitalization service for children and adolescents, outpatient services, consultation-liaison services, a neuropsychiatric special care service, an eating disorder unit and psychiatric emergency department. 
  Denver Health Medical Center Denver Health Medical Center is a comprehensive, integrated organization providing level one care for all, regardless of ability to pay.  Twenty-five percent of all Denver residents receive their health care at Denver Health.   It is a general medical hospital which has psychiatric services consisting of a psychiatric emergency room, a drug and alcohol detoxification unit, an adult psychiatric inpatient unit, an adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit, a forensic psychiatric inpatient unit, a sheltered workshop, a medical consultation service, and several neighborhood health clinics.  In addition, it provides backup to the community mental health center of the city. 
  University of Colorado Hospital​ Child and Family Outpatient Continuity Clinic
This is a comprehensive, public child and adolescent psychiatric clinic serving children from birth through age 18, parents and families.  Under the rubric of the Child and Adolescent Outpatient Clinic, there are specialty clinics in infant mental health, family therapy, and refugee mental health.  Averages of 500 patient visits occur each month.  The clinic accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, and contracts.  All major DSM-IV child and adolescent disorders are represented.  Prominent among these are disruptive behavior, affective, anxiety, psychotic, adjustment, eating, substance use/abuse, developmental and developing personality disorders.  Dual/multiple diagnoses are common.