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Psychiatry Sequence

Phase I and II

The Psychiatry Sequence is embedded in three blocks and consists, primarily, of small groups. Students see real patients outside of the lecture hall where they learn and interview in a comfortable environment.  Faculty group leaders lend their expertise to direct the interviews in the right direction without taking over the interviews.  Sharing of ideas is one of the outcomes of the small group setting.

We give 25-minute “mini lectures” on psychiatric topics related to current block material. For example, we give a “mini” on depression, a risk factor for cardiovascular heart disease, during CVRP, on PTSD during neuroscience when students are learning about neuro-plasticity, or eating disorders during metabolism.

For the next 90 minutes, students interview patients with, for instance, depression and cardiovascular disease, PTSD, or eating disorder. As part of these interviews, patients are screened for specific psychiatric issues from the CU Assessment (e.g. depression, PTSD or eating issues). After these their interviews, students complete and submit “interview review forms” to their facilitators for comments.

After 4 sessions in the spring in CVRP small groups resume 12 weeks later with the same students and group leaders in mid August of their second year in Neuroscience.

Written feedback is provided to students about their performance in group and their “interview” reviews which are based on the CU Assessment of Common Psychiatric Problems.