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Psychiatry Clerkship Sites

​Psychiatry Service at the Grand Junction VA Medical Center (AHEC) 

This new and exciting clerkship site is at the Grand Junction VA Medical Center where students will feel both “wanted” and “needed”. Students will see a variety of patients in multiple settings and work closely with attending psychiatrists and staff. The psychiatry program, under the direction of Dr. Randal France, is “full-service” and staffed by excellent and experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and nurses who work on inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and consultation services. Students will have the opportunity to see patients in the emergency room, admit and then follow their patient(s) on the small 8-bed inpatient service and perhaps see their patients at their first outpatient visit after discharge. Time will be set aside for seminars with attending mental health staff covering the major topics in psychiatry. Moreover, Grand Junction is an outdoor person’s paradise with mountain biking (Fruita is close and Moab not too far away), fishing, hiking, skiing and all the rest within minutes. For more information, please visit Lodging provided.  


Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHI) at Pueblo Inpatient (AHEC)   

A public hospital with a diverse and interesting patient population with well supervised medical student training. The Circle Program at CMHIP is a fully integrated dual-diagnosis inpatient treatment program; patients have both an Axis I Mental Illness and Substance Dependence Diagnosis. Students work directly with Medical School faculty attendings and staff. Lodging provided.  


Mountain Crest Behavioral Health Care System - Ft. Collins Inpatient (AHEC)  

An excellent community psychiatric hospital in a semi-rural area. Inpatient and outpatient experiences. A large and diverse patient population. Student works directly with Medical School faculty attendings. Lodging provided. 


Colorado Recovery, Inpatient and Outpatient 

Work closely with faculty attendings and staff at this unique and private site which offers 24-hour and outpatient care in Boulder, Colorado. Work with adult patients as they learn to live productively with schizophrenia or other disorders. You will be actively involved in providing psychiatric services, medication management and monitoring, group therapy, socialization and recreation activities, psychosocial rehabilitation including supported employment and educational support. You will work in an 8-bed residential treatment facility, Balsam House, which provides a full range of on-site psychiatric services as well as in their outpatient department. Transitional services and support are provided to clients who have recently moved into independent living in the community. Clients who have achieved stability in the community receive individualized outpatient treatment. Psychiatric rehabilitation services are provided with an emphasis on getting clients back to work.

University of Colorado Outpatient Psychiatry 

This is a unique experience for medical students during their third year clerkship. Our students work closely with psychiatry attendings and the chief resident at the University Hospital outpatient mental psychiatry clinic. Our patient population includes complicated medical patients, individuals seeking psychodynamic psychotherapy, and patients with severe mental illness. With ample supervision, you will be directly involved in patient care throughout the day, be fully integrated into the patient intake system, and be able to follow patients over your rotation. You will also participate in outpatient groups 1-2 times per week as well as have the opportunity to see children in our child clinic. You will also attend our weekly psychiatric intern didactics where you will learn as they do. Come be a member of our team and see what outpatient psychiatry is all about. All seminars at AMC. 


The Children's Hospital Inpatient 

Exciting and unique rotation at world renowned The Children's Hospital. Outstanding faculty and child fellows will supervise students who will have a lot of clinical exposure and appropriate clinical responsibilities. This rotation will be suitable for students interested in general medical practice, pediatrics an psychiatry. All seminars at AMC.

Veterans Administration Medical Center 7-East Inpatient 

One of three primary training sites for psychiatric residents. Treat veterans with a wide variety of psychiatric illnesses. Work with residents and staff. Students also work with residents on the Consultation Service at UH/VA. All seminars at AMC.  



Students will feel both “wanted” and “needed” at this new clerkships site, the Consultation-Liaison and Psychiatric Emergency Services, at the Denver VA. Students will work closely with faculty attendings and participate in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with psychiatric, medical illness and often complex psycho-social issues Students will be active in the initial and follow-up evaluations and be given multiple opportunities for supervised “hands-on" learning. This rotation is ideal for all students, independent of their interest in practicing Psychiatry as a career, since they will see patients at all ends of the illness spectrum. Another bonus, students will also spend 2 half days each week working with the nurses, social workers, and psychiatrist who staff the Psychiatry Emergency Services, evaluating patients experiencing psychiatric crises. This will lend itself to many unique experiences. Students will be in an excellent teaching situation, working with individuals from many mental health disciplines and gaining supervision from three Psychiatry Attendings and a Psychiatry Resident, all of whom are motivated to teach students! Time will be set aside for seminars with Attending mental health staff covering the major topics in psychiatry. We look forward to working with you! All seminars at AMC. 


Denver Health Medical Center 4-West Inpatient 

One of three primary training sites for psychiatric residents. Work with residents and staff. Students also work with residents on the Consultation Service at DHMC. All seminars at AMC.


Denver Health Medical Center – Psychiatric Emergency Service 

This is a high turnover 6-bed acute psychiatry service which serves as a primary access point for patients with acute psychiatric disorders. Students will become familiar with management of acute agitation, psychosis, mood disorders, and substance abuse disorders including acute intoxication and withdrawal. The student will work closely with the emergency psychiatry attending to stabilize, evaluate, and refer patients presenting to this service. Opportunities will be offered to assist with evaluations in the community with our Mobile Crisis Service. Also, weekly rounds on the inpatient service will be offered such that the student may follow patients seen previously in the E.R. All seminars at AMC.


Denver Health Medical Center-Inpatient Adolescent Unit 5-East 

This 13-bed unit offers inpatient care for children and adolescents (ages 10-17) with acute emotional/behavioral problems. The unit also provides a school classroom experience and serves a limited number of adolescents in a “day treatment” capacity. This teaching facility uses a “clinical team” model to treat over 500 patients/year with a variety of psychiatric disorders and a rich mixture of ethnic/cultural diversity. Student work with a psychiatric intern, resident (child psychiatry “fellow”), and receive supervision from the attending child psychiatrist. Student will also have a limited experience with the Denver Health Psychiatric Emergency Room, psychiatry consult service, and adult outpatient clinic. All seminars at AMC.


The Mental Health Corporation of Denver - Vine Street Outpatient 

This site offers the opportunity to work in one of the finest community mental health centers in the country. Staffed by outstanding faculty members of the University of Colorado, it provides primarily an outpatient experience and exposure to the whole range of psychiatric problems and diagnoses. Student works in outpatient clinics and nursing homes. Student assumes clinical responsibility commensurate with their level of training. Student also works with residents and faculty on the Consultation Service at DHMC. All seminars at AMC. (one student only)

Center for Dependency, Addiction, and Rehabilitation (CeDAR) 

An opportunity to work closely with faculty, residents, and fellows in a clerkship experience that gives you the chance to really know your patients. CeDAR is a 30 day residential substance abuse treatment center located on the UCH Anschutz campus. Our patients have significant medical and psychiatric comorbididity in addition to their primary substance abuse diagnoses. You will have the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team that addresses the bio- psycho-social-spiritual components of addiction. You will be directly involved in patient care throughout the day, in groups, individual therapy and medication management sessions, and lectures and other educational modalities. You will have access to a full gym, a reasonably priced cafeteria, AND your own office. Come find out why the CeDAR rotation is a favorite among residents!