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Clerkships and Electives

For Students, Residents and Social Workers

Psychiatry Clerkship Rotation - Phase III

In the outpatient clinic, medical students will learn to assess ambulatory patients with new onset, as well as, chronic mood and anxiety disorders, PTSD, and personality disorders. Some will also have co-morbid alcoholism and/or substance abuse.   Many seen in our clinic present with concurrent medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic pain syndromes, cancer, pregnancy, and resemble those seen in primary care settings.  Students will observe and participate in intakes, follow-ups and group treatments, and will learn practical aspects of psychopharmacological management and safety evaluations (suicide and violence assessment). Students will be exposed to a variety of psychotherapies, including interpersonal therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and couples and family therapies. We also have a unique refugee program which provides an opportunity to see psychiatry through a cultural lens.
The clinic offers a rich faculty presence, so that every intake and every follow-up visit is closely staffed. In addition, offices are equipped with closed-circuit television capabilities so faculty can directly observe and comment on the student’s assessments and interactions with their patients.
Please contact Sharon Campbell, Medical Student Program Coordinator (Phase III & IV), at 303-724-7400 or click here for more information.

​Elective Sub-Internship in Psychiatry - Phase IV

Our clinic offers a wonderful opportunity to experience outpatient psychiatry as a fourth year elective. Students will gain experience evaluating a broad range of psycho-pathologies that range from chronic mental illness to new onset mood and anxiety disorders.  Students will also learn a more nuanced approach to psychiatric evaluations and follow up care through direct observation of interviewing by both residents and attending faculty. Not only will cases be closely supervised by clinic faculty, but cases can be observed in real time through our closed circuit television system.
Please contact the Medical Student Education Director, Dr. Joseph Sakai (email), or Sharon Campbell, Medical Student Program Coordinator (Phase III & IV) at 303-724-7400 for further details.

​Social Work Internship

The Clinical Social Work Internship at the University of Colorado Hospital has been in existence for over 30 years.  We train 2 to 3 interns’ very year and the internship starts in September and ends in May. Interns are in the outpatient department 3 days a week for a total of 24 hours each week.
Social Work Interns see a diverse population which is multi-ethnic. Interns can see patients of all ages, economic status, family constellations, who suffer with a broad array of mental illness. Interns have an opportunity learn about diagnoses and the treatment process utilizing a variety of psychotherapy modalities and interventions.  Interns will learn about psychiatric problems and medications and work collaboratively with the residents in psychiatry. Supervision is by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychiatrists who work in the clinic’s multi-disciplinary team.  Interns will also attend classes oriented to working in a psychiatric setting.
The application begins with the social worker Field Placement Fair which is held late March or early April.   At the fair, interns will have a chance to ask questions of about this clinical placement and arrange follow-up interviews with our staff.
Interested interns apply by calling Joel Green, LCSW, at 303-724-9405. It is not necessary to attend the fair to apply for an intern position.  Eligibility includes having at least one year of mental health experience and a desire to participate in a multi-disciplinary supervisory process.

​Other Clinical Trainees

Residents from other disciplines including pharmacy, family medicine, and internal medicine have joined us for clinical rotations to further their experience in managing psychiatric disorders. 
The rotation is open to all other disciplines and consists of observing and participating in intakes, ongoing management of psychiatric disorders on follow up appointments, participation in our clinic medication groups, and clinical discussions with faculty.
Rotations can range from 1 month (Monday through Friday) to several months (several half days per week) depending on scheduling availability through your respective program. Please contact the Associate Practice Director, Dr. Brian Rothberg (303-724-9409 or email), for further details.