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Child and Adolescent Services


Our child and adolescent psychiatry clinic offers comprehensive, evidence based, pediatric psychiatry services to patients from infancy up to 18 years old. 

We provide a 90-minute, comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with a physician, which involves full participation of the patient and the family. The evaluation includes:

  • Completion of an intake packet covering your child’s current and past history
  • Review of psychiatric symptoms using standardized rating scales to assess and follow your child’s progress;
  • Collect collateral information from caregivers, teachers, school counselors and psychologists, therapists, and caseworkers;
  • We will review the findings with the family and develop an individualized treatment plan that may include, but not belimited to: individual, family, or group psychotherapay and/or medication management.

In addition, the Early Childhood Clinic is available, which:

  • Provides evaluation, assessment, and treatment of children from infancy through age 5 years.
  • Is staffed by University faculty, a pediatric psychiatrist and a psychologist, both who have expertise in assessing and treating very young children and their families.