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Psychiatric Consultation-Liaison and Emergency Service


PSYCLES is a multi-disciplinary team consisting of child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, and creative arts therapists.   This team provides emergency evaluation for all patients who present with psychiatric needs in the Emergency Department. Urgent evaluations are completed during scheduled hours.  PSYCLES staff members consult with all medical services at the Children’s Hospital at the request of the patient’s physician.   Project CLIMB, a mental health program in the Child Health Clinic, provides teaching, consultation and interventions in the Child Health Clinic.  Clinicians can coordinate admissions to the Outpatient Specialty Clinics, Intensive Outpatient Program, Day Treatment Programs, and Intensive Services Program.



PSYCLES provides consultation and assessment to all medical services at The Children’s Hospital. This includes inpatient medical units, outpatient medical clinics and the emergency department. PSYCLES clinicians consult to urgent callers such as parent and healthcare providers. Additionally the program coordinates admissions to Psychiatric Inpatient, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Specialty Programs.

The Children’s Hospital offers a 24-hour psychiatric emergency department evaluation in which children, adolescents and families with psychiatric emergencies can be assessed and treatment interventions recommended. Our staff is experienced with the assessment of pediatric patients and has the appropriate community resources available for interventions. PSYCLES clinicians respond to callers to assist in access to urgent care, inpatient hospitalization, day treatment, and psychiatric consultation. The team provides 24-hour consultation to The Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.

PSYCLES is staffed by a child psychiatrist, child psychiatry resident, psychology intern, masters-level clinicians, and psychiatric registered nurses.  Clinicians triage all calls to Psychiatry with the goal to assist in determining the appropriate mental health intervention. The intake team works with parents, health providers, schools, mental health providers, and other systems providing care to children. Callers are referred to both Children’s Hospital programs and to referrals outside our system when appropriate. 


Amy Becker, MD

Kim Kelsay, MD

Harrison Levine, MD

Alyssa Oland


For more information about the PSYCLES program, please call (720) 777-6200.