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Medical Day Treatment Program


The Medical Day Treatment program was founded in cooperation with the Denver Public Schools to provide an educational placement alternative for children whose medical needs are too complicated to allow them to attend regular school. Children are able to continue to meet school expectations in a situation that provides the medical and emotional intervention they need daily.



The Medical Day Treatment Program provides medical, educational and psychosocial interventions to children and adolescents with chronic medical illnesses. This program is designed for children and adolescents ages 6 to eighteen who have difficulty functioning in a regular school environment either because of their illness or because of psychological reactions to their medical conditions. Twelve to 15 patients can be served at any given time. This is an accredited school program. A certified teacher from the Denver Public School system is employed full-time by the program. The program is also staffed with nurses, a psyghologist and other medical personnel.

Patients include children and adolescents with respiratory disorders, neurologic disorders, diabetes, seizures, cancer, and those recovering from transplants. An array of therapy groups, individual and family therapy, and psychiatric monitoring are provided. Children and adolescents in this program who also have psychiatric disorders or who have difficulties coping with their medical illness receive psychological services from the unit program psychologist. Length of stay varies from short- to long-term, based on individual needs. The program schedule is similar to school; it is open Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The Medical Day Treatment Program is defined as “short term” and is helpful for patients who are making the transition out of the hospital or to stabilize youngsters from the community who are having difficulty with daily activities at home and school.


Medical Day Treatment has an independent intake process and can be accessed at (720) 777-2900

Admission Criteria

The following criteria are taken into consideration for each patient who wishes to be accepted to the Medical Day Treatment program:

    • Diagnosis of chronic or debilitating disease
    • Frequent hospitalizations and/or emergency room visits
    • Significant school absenteeism due to illness
    • Aged seven to twenty-one years
    • Parent/guardian must be involved with program
    • Insurance verification
    • School approval