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Kevin Vest, MD

Denver VA
1055 Clermont St
A009/ECHCS #116
Denver, CO 80220

Phone: 303-399-8702

Email: Dr. Vest​​​​


Kevin W. Vest, MD

Senior Instructor & Associate Program Director of Psychiatry Residency Program



Positions and Employment:

Senior Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado

Associate Program Director, Psychiatry Resident Program

Attending Psychiatrist, VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System



Fellow, American Psychiatric Association


Clinical Activities:

Outpatient Psychiatry, VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System



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Jensen S, Plaetke R, Holik J, Hoff M, Myles-Worsley M, Leppert M, Coon H, Vest K, Freedman R, Waldo M, et al (1993): Linkage Analysis of Schizophrenia: The D1 Dopamine Receptor Gene and Several Flanking DNA markers. Hum Heredity 43:58-62.