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Steven A. Rosenberg, PhD

Associate Professor

Contact Info:

Phone:  303-724-9121
EmailDr. Rosenberg

Clinical/Research Interests:
Dr. Rosenberg is interested in children with developmental delays and special needs, psychotherapy, and systems of care.
Curriculum Vitae
Unviersity of Rochester  BA  1970

Peabody College of Vanderbilt University  MA  1973
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University  PhD  1977​

Private Practice, Omaha, NE, Jan 82 - Jun 88

Senior Psychologist, Kaiser Permanente, Charlotte, NC, Sep 88 - May 93
American Psychological Association, 1977-present

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications (since 2014):

Kellar-Guenther Y Rosenberg SA Block SR & Robinson CC (2014). Parent involvement in early intervention: what role does setting play? Early Years: An International Research Journal, 34, 81–93.

Block SR, Wheeland L & Rosenberg SA (2014) Improving human service effectiveness through the deconstruction of case management: A case study on the emergence of a team-based model of service coordination, Human Services Organizations Management, Leadership & Governance, 38, 16-28, DOI: 10.1080/03643107.2013.853007.

McManus BM Magnusson D & Rosenberg SA (2014). Restricting state Part C eligibility policy is associated with lower early intervention utilization. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 18, 1031-1037.

Watkins S Jonsson-Funk M Brookhart MA Rosenberg SA O’Shea M & Daniels J (2014). Preschool motor skills following physical and occupational therapy services among non-disabled very low birth weight children Matern Child Health J, 18, 821–828.

Wiggins, L. D., Reynolds, A., Rice, C. A., Moody, E.J., Bernal, P. Blaskey, L., Rosenberg, S. A., Lee, L.-C., Levy, S. E. (2015). Using standardized diagnostic instruments to classify children with Autism in the Study to Explore Early Development J Autism Dev Disord, 45, 1271-1280.

Block, S. R., Rosenberg, S.A., Kellar-Guenther Y., Robinson, C. C. & Goetze, L. (2015). Child and parent characteristics affecting the authorization and expenditure of funds for early intervention services. Journal of Disability Policy Studies, 26, 3-11. 

McManus BM, Robinson CC, Rosenberg SA. (2016). Identifying infants and toddlers at high risk for persistent delays. Matern Child Health J., 20, 639–645. PubMed PMID: 26518005

Soke GN, Rosenberg SA, Hamman RF, Fingerlin T, Robinson C, Carpenter L, Giarelli E, Lee LC, Wiggins LD, Durkin MS, DiGuiseppi C. (2016). Brief Report: Prevalence of Self-injurious Behaviors among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder-A Population-Based Study. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, 46, 3607-3614. PMID: 27565654

DiGuiseppi CG, Daniels JL, Fallin DM, Rosenberg SA, Schieve LA, Thomas KC, Windham GC, Goss CW, Soke GN, Currie DW, Singer AB, Lee LC,  Bernal P, Croen LA, Miller LA, Pinto-Martin JA, Young LM, Schendel DE. Demographic profile of families and children in the Study to Explore Early Development (SEED): Case-control study of autism spectrum disorder. (2016). Disability & Health Journal, 9, 544-551. PMID: 26917104

DiGuiseppi C, Levy S, Soke GN, Rosenberg S, Sabourin KR, Lee L-C, Moody E, Schieve L. (2016). Injuries in children with autism spectrum disorder: study to explore early development (SEED). Injury Prevention, 22 (Suppl 2), A173.3-A174.

Soke GN, Rosenberg SA, Hamman RF, Fingerlin T, Rosenberg CR, Carpenter L, Lee LC, Giarelli E, Wiggins LD, Durkin MS, Reynolds A, DiGuiseppi C. (2017). Factors Associated with self-injurious behaviors in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Findings from two large national samples. Journal of Autism & Developmental Disorders, 47, 285-296. PMID: 27830427

Harris J, Rosenberg SA (2017). Carl N. Zimet (1925–2015). American Psychologist, 72, 401-401.

Rosenberg, SA, Elbaum B, Rosenberg CR, Kellar-Guenther Y, McManus BM (in press). The U.S. Department of Education’s early intervention child outcomes evaluation is flawed. American Journal of Evaluation.

Web Based Continuing Education for School Staff on Increasing Participation of Students with Disabilities. Colorado Division of High Education

12/01/2008 – 11/30/2009
Role: Project Director
Project goal: This project will revise the PDI continuing education course and make it fully web accessible.

Web-PDI, U.S. Department of Education
Role: Project Director  
Project goal: This project provides developed a continuing education course for special educators to promote inclusion of students in learning activities.

Wraparound Care Coordination for Part C Children, HRSA
09/01/2005 – 08/31/2009
Role: Principal Investigator
Project goal: Evaluate the efficacy of Wraparound services for families enrolled in Part C services.

Project Bloom, SAMHSA
Role: Evaluator
Project goal: The major goal of this project is to establish and evaluate a system of care for young children with SED.

UIDCCU820391 CDPHE/CDCP Centers for Excellence for Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities
Role: Evaluator
Project goal: The major goal of this project is to develop and implement a surveillance study to detect the prevalence of autism and within individuals with autism the prevalence of secondary health issues.