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Lynn L. Johnson, PharmD

Clinical Instructor

Contact Info:

Bldg. 500, Level 4

Email: Dr. Johnson

Clinical/Research Interests:
 Dr. Johnson is interested in new drug research and development, focusing on psychopharmacology.​


University of Colorado School of Pharmacy  BS  1995-1998

University of Colorado School of Pharmacy  PharmD  1998-1999​

Other Experience and Professional Memberships:

National Community Pharmacy Association, 1995 

American Pharmaceutical Association, 1995-1998 

Colorado Pharmacy Association, 1995-1999            

President, Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Denver, CO, 1996

Hannigan A, Meyer JD, Johnson L, Manning MC, Catalano C.  The phage lambda terminase enzyme: 2.  Refolding of the gpNu1 subunit from the detergent-denatured and guanidinium hydrocholoride-denatured state yields different oligiomerization states and altered protein stabilities.  Int J Biol Macromolecules.  23:37-48, 1998.

Olincy A, Johnson LL, Ross RG,  Differential effects of cigarette smoking on performance of a smooth pursuit and a saccadic eye movement task in schizophrenia.  Psychiatry Res.  117:223-236, 2003.

Olincy,A, Harris JG, Johnson LL, Pender V, Kongs S, Allensworth D, Ellis J Zerbe, GO, Leonard S, Stevens KE Stevens JO, Martin L, Adler LE, Soti F, Kem WR, Freedman R.  Proof-of-concept Trial of an α7 Nicotinic Agonist in Schizophrenia. Archives of General Psychiatry, 63:630-38, 2006.

Freedman R,  Olincy A, Buchanan RW, Harris JG,  Gold JM, Johnson L,  Allensworth D, Guzman A, Clement B, Ball P, Kutnick J, Pender V, Martin L, Stevens KE, Wagner B, Zerbe G, Soti, Kem WF. Initial Phase 2 Trial of a Nicotinic Agonist in Schizophrenia, American Journal of Psychiatry, 165(8):1040-7, 2008

Tregellas, J.R., Olincy, A., Johnson, L., Tanabe, J., Shatti, S., Martin, L.F., Singel, D., Du, Y.P., Soti, F., Kem, W.R., Freedman, R.  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Effects of a Nicotinic Agonist in Schizophrenia. Neuropsychopharmacology (In Press).

Grants and Contracts:


NIMH P50 MH086383-01, Freedman (PI), 8/01/09- 7/31/14, $2,102,458

Basic to Clinical Molecular Neurobiology of Nicotinic Receptors in Schizophrenia”

The aims of this Translational Conte Center are to characterize the role of the alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the brain and its dysfunction and to use this biology to continue development of a new therapeutic strategy to improve the treatment of cognitive dysfunction and negative symptoms in persons who have schizophrenia .  This emerging information about the developmental role of the receptor will be used to initiate a perinatal intervention for pregnant women and their children to decrease the risk of schizophrenia.  The Center develops strategies to image inhibitory function hemodynamically and electrophysiologically, in both adults and infants, and it develops new animal models, including the transfer of human CHRNA7 into mice and models of developmental abnormalities induced by the immune response to infections.


Veterans Affairs Medical Research Service, VA Merit Review, Freedman (PI), 10/1/09 - 9/30/13 

“Nicotinic Receptors and Schizophrenia”

This proposal will examine the effects of 3-2,4 dimethoxybenzylidene anabaseine (DMXB-A) and Neurocognitive improvement in Veterans with schizophrenia



Silvio O.Conte Center 5 P50 MH068582-02, Freedman, (PI),  09/27/04- 06/30/09

“Molecular Neurobiology of Schizophrenia”

This proposal examines the neurobiological effects of genetic polymorhisms in genes associated with Schizophrenia.

Role: Coordinator


NIMH R01 MH65588-01, grant 1, Olincy (PI), 3/15/03-3/15/08

Genetics of Endophenotypes and Schizophrenia

This grant examines the inheritance of  6 endophenotypes and their relation to the inheritance of schizophrenia.

Role:  Co-investigator


NARSAD Junior Investigator Award, Johnson (PI), 7/1/05-7/1/07

The Effects of Cannabis Use in People with Schizophrenia on Clinical, Neuropsychological and Physiological Phenotypes

This grant examines the effects of acute dronabinol on verbal learning, inhibition, P50 gating and smooth pursuit eye tracking.

Role:  Principal Investigator


NIMH RO1 MH059565, Freedman (PI), 0/1/98-7/31/07

Molecular Genetics of Schizophrenia

This project proposes to examine the genetic differences between 5,000 probands with schizophrenia and a comparison group of normal controls.

Role: Coordinator


NIMH R01 MH61412   Freedman (PI)2/01/01-11/01/04

Nicotinic Agonists in Schizophrenia

This grant is to use DMXB-A as a proof of principal in the nicotinic receptor hypothesis in schizophrenia.

Role:  Co-investigator